20amp cord

Does anyone have any suggestions for a somewhat inexpensive 20 amp cord from my Richard Gray 600s to a dedicated 20 amp outlet? I will be using an Lexicon RT-10, B&K Ref. 50 an older Krell KAV 250A. It would be used primarily for home theater and classic rock. Thanks for your input!
I have a Wegrzyn Ultimate copper slam 20amp power cord for sale...comparable to a shunyata anaconda. List is $1500, my price is $490 shipped..it is in perfect condition!!
for $300 ish try VH Audio Flavor 4 cord.Very good inexpensive cord..
Being the rgpc has a choke, I don't know how important it is to upgrade the cord there. I may be wrong but if it is important they say make sure the cord from the wall to the unit is as good or better than the rest of your power cords. I sold my rgpc for shunyata power, totally different philosiphy between the two.

Just a word of caution here - RG products use and oversized iec connector so that the only cables that fit snugly are (what a surprise) Richard Gray's. You can use other cables, but you will need good, old fashioned friction tape to build up the sides of the incoming iec connector until it fits snugly into the unit. Have Fun!
I have a 600 and I don't think it benefits much from a better power cord. My gear sounds better plugged into my new DIY Oyaide outlet strip. The Gray, a parallel device, is plugged into that strip. I opened my Gray and changed an outlet to an Oyaide R1 before eventually getting the DIY Oyaide outlet strip(and taking the outlet back out of the Gray and putting it in the strip). When I opened up the Gray I saw that the wiring inside wasn't that great. The choke wire is only 18 gauge. So my advise is don't plug your gear into the Gray. Get a short as possible power cord for it. I'm using an older PS Audio Lab I reterminated with a 20A IEC.

I am using RGPC 600S also and as ET did, I have changed the supplied RGPC Power Cord with a shorter Power Cable
( with 20A IEC of course ). Factory-built cable are with
at least 1.5 Meter, I took one Furutech Evolution Power
Cable , divided it into two, one change to 20A IEC to
plug into the RGPC. the other half I made one power cable
with 15A normal plug and used to supply power to the CSE
isolation power regenerator + regulator.

Compared with the supplied RGPC factory cable, the shorter
Evolution proved to be a great enhancement to background
silence and soundstage deepness, high & lower range are
also improved. ( after repeated comparison )
Try using your system without the Richard Grey stuff...just listen and decide if it really should be in your system
Stringreen, HI

Thanks for your response. I may say "Yes " with your opinion. But also "No" under another test.

I had the actual tests made repeatedly and with the presence of several other listeners too.

I have been still keeping the previous rigs, almost
"two & half sets " that means I have now at home more than
two sets of Audio rig except speakers which I had only 2 sets , Old Tannoy DC3000 and the V.A. Parsifal . Interconnects & Power cables are more than necessary for 3 complete sets. Speaker Cables only 2 sets now as I had sold the Tara Lab " THE ONE". keeping only the Venture Ultimate Ref SP/Cable, and the Siltech G6 Eskay Plus the
siltech G6 emperor Jumpers used on the Parsifal's.

I keep the inferior sets in the reading/working room,where I need to
watch 3 monitors for FX/ financial, bullion trading at the same time every weekday ,evening & till mid night and need also hear the CNBC if switch on volume sometimes, and keep the music on . the Parsifal and others of higher & newer audio's are in the livingroom.

So, not only the RGPC I,ve tested, the CSE sine-wave regenerator & regulator, the Syngeristic Research "powerCell" all three of them I had tested with
both two systems, singly or in combinations,. In the Real Hi-fi Living room, I have two direct dedicated Power A/C,
the "working" room is with normal wall-sockets sharing with other A/C sockets. All net real improvements should be more obvious in the room without dedicated A/C { where
the A/C Power source is ness purified ). But the reslut
is that all three Power Improvement components showed only
very slightly improvements in the " working room" ; the only more significant is when some other Elect appliances is switching /changing current level .

The same effect applied to the Sine-wave Power regenator/
regulator supplying to my Wadia 861 which I appreciated
and recommended to friends. It is working with less
merit with the old Dennon 6500 CD Players .

So, it is always true that result is different depending
on {1} each one's own ears (2) each system of different
characteristics (3) room environments and walls.

the Previous Post may be not clear enough.
All Power conditioners, RGPC, CSE sine_wave Reformer, Power Cell of Synergistic Research, work with less merit increase
in the inferior set, though the environment actually need
more of them. all or any of them proved to be of effect
( extent varying due to position they are used in the system ) more in the more advanced system, though the very front A/C power are already isolated .
One experiment, a little wasteful with 6-socket RGPC 600's
is where I put it in-between the CSE sine-wave reformer & the CD ( the former deliverying max only 1K WATT, which I aimed to used only for the WADIA 861 CD ) it also show dramatically improvement to the source CD.
But most of the time, I used now
for the HD TV, Blue-Ray DVD, the DAC separately for the DVD
since I enjoy the improvement to TV video signal most out
of the RGPC. and also separating two dedicated A/C - Video and audio Portion .
For Sound Quality, the ER Power Cell then
CSE Power reformer works very well for the other gears.

For head-to-head compariaon, may be personalised /biased any how, and not withstanding the price difference, for pre-amp & Power amp
works better with SR Power Cell than the RGPC ( which one must be reminded that RGPC is only 1/3 of the pirce )

The RPG is basically a 6 henry choke connected across the incoming power line. As such, the choke conducts very little current and that is why the choke wire only needs to be 18 guage. That also explains why this unit can have an effect on a circut even if the components on that circut are not plugged into it. So, what I am saying is don't be concerned about plugging equipment into it because of the wire size.
I have used the RPG 400s with success in certain situations and like other components, you need to try it and let your ears be the determining factor. If you don't believe it helps your audio, try it on your video circuit. For some reason, it seems to be easier to "see" the differences than "hear" them.
When I sold the Grays the rep said plug your gear into the wall not the Gray, especially if you have a high power amp or anything else that draws a lot of current.

I second the opinion about direct wall-plug use for the amp. A-B it, and I think you'll agree. I know I was very surprised.

DIY solid core min 13awg pc`s direct in-wall.
If then your equipment had solid in-box powercables too..