205D tubes.

Hello AugoNeRs,
I am looking into 205 tubes amplifier and wondering if any one on here have any experience with these tubes? what are the sound characteristic? all i know is that the tubes are hard to find and expensive. i ll be using it with my avantgarde uno...thanks
Great tubes, cant' think of any amps except Wavelength that use them commercially. Most amps that use them are DIY.

TJ makes a modern day version.

This tube comes in the Sophia Princess 845 amp.In my opinion this Sophia amp is a midrange-only,amp.
With regards to any amp,tube or otherwise;it isn't only the tubes or devices used; it's the whole circuit design.
I once heard an old WE205 amp with two of these running an Altec 604 at a VASAC meeting in Silverdale. It was the most immediate and uncolored sound I have ever heard. If I could have bought two, I would have them now. The WE tube is, however, impossible to find.
I have not heard the TJ version, but like the 300b, I doubt if it is in the same league.