2022 Grammy Award Show?

There was some interesting stuff on this show and some great artists.  Any comment?   Wonder how many of you made an effort to watch or look up who won what. 



Wow 2chFreak:

That was a dark, cynical post: if I don’t like it, its worthless junk? I am not sure what American Idol or the Voice has to do with the Recording Academy (the entity behind the Grammy Awards). The Academy’s mission is to elevate quality standards and recognize achievement (in the recording industry not the music industry). When you are hired to track, mix or master a record, you aren’t arguing with the artist you are recording as what the songs are or should be. Your job is to make it sound as good as you can. The Grammy’s judge that process, not the music itself.



@2chfreak As I agree with the whole marketing and commercialization of the business but it is an avenue for new talent to get recognized. Google Dominique Fils-Amie, listen to he song “Birds” and tell me she has no talent. She was a finalist on “The Voice”. While I don’t necessarily watch these shows they do have a place in the media, IMO.

@lonemountain - you can bet that the people at home watching the awards and every record company exec will certainly think the judgement is about the music.

Record companies don't promote their albums as 'Grammy winners' because they are selling people on 'achievement in the recording industry'.

As for the RIAA, they are shills; I was in the record business for 10 years, and I'm sorry, but I had to laugh when I read that the academy's 'mission is to elevate quality standards and recognize achievement (in the recording industry, not the music industry)'. During the 70's, its mission seemed to be to get as much cocaine up people's noses as possible, going by what some of the biggest stars were then! 🤣

Must be a coincidence that most of the biggest winners also happen to be the biggest sellers! 

I certainly do agree though about that 'if I don't like it, it's worthless junk' attitude that is so prevalent on so many forums (or bar discussions, for that matter!). I could never understand that. 

I debated watching the Grammys because I no longer like what is generally considered popular music. But instead of turning away, I thought I should watch so that I don’t become too "removed" from the best sellers on the contemporary scene. I concluded that it was mostly but not all bad.

I’m glad I watched as I now know better what passes for music today but sad to see how "unmusical" it is. Nevertheless, I’m glad to see that a few bright lights--even if not my style--still exist. This is not to say that the Grammys ever represented the best in music at any time.