2022 Grammy Award Show?

There was some interesting stuff on this show and some great artists.  Any comment?   Wonder how many of you made an effort to watch or look up who won what. 



If you dive into the grammy site, you can fidn th3e best of the best from the last year in every category you can think of:

 2022 GRAMMYs Awards Show: Complete Winners & Nominations List

Look under "General Field"

I thought there was a nice diversity of music, seemed much better than recent years with mostly crap.  My college age daughter agreed. 

What I learned:

Billie Eilish  and BTS have talent. Jon Batiste had a great performance and acceptance speech. Justin Beiber can't sing or dance.

Silk Sonic--you guys are not as great as you think. Awful acceptance speech. Very good  performance of a song that seemed more of a rip off than a tribute to Red Hot Chili Peppers and James Brown.

I haven't watched this tribute to marketing creations train wreck in many years. This  show, like American Idol, The Voice and all the other idiot box schlock fest disasters treat music as a commodity and devalue had dishonored it for an adoring public that has no idea what constitutes what singing and music - real music - even is. In no way whatsoever does it embody or represent the world of music. In a junk society that worships mediocrity, Tik Tok sensations and mindless conformity, the lure of a show that appeals to the absolute lowest common denominator like The Grammy Awards is just too tempting for the least discerning among us to resist.