2018 Bose VI Equalizer with Stereo Setup

Has anyone experimented using Bose VI Equalizer as a stand alone to your system setup? I'm using ADCOM GFA 5500 amp, Mcintosh C2500, 2018 Bose VI Equalizer, and Lawrence Audio Double Bass speakers and the sound is fantastic. I have to adjust the treble/mids slider bar (highs are a little to high for me), but after that "WOW"!! So i'm just curious if others tried! 


You are altering the sound from a flat response.. It may have a pleasing effect but try it with all kinds of music before you are certain you like it.  

I could see how this experiment could work, but I'm not sure if you know what it was intended for.  It's really a specialty EQ, similar to the KEF Kube, to electronically correct non-flat speakers.

I mean, glad it worked for you, but maybe a Schiit Loki would be better for you? :)

My experiment with the equalizer so far is proving all of your comments to be right. The equalizer sounds fantastically spacial but the high frequency it puts out can be ear piercing. The equalizer digs deep into the music and pushes the background sounds upfront like a class A amp, but at a cost! My class A amp? It still sounds better with the equalizer but at even higher frequencies, so i'm using MC501 monos. It tames the frequencies a bit but the high frequency is still there... My normal listening preference bypasses the preamp (C2500) and plays from the source through NAIMs NDX streamer DAC. Maybe i should just be happy the music sounds good even without the equalizer but now i know what it can do, i’m stuck. I’m all in for suggestions or equipment that could help.