2017 Honest Cabling that doesn’t promote bankruptcy

Looking for experiences and recs for current mid to upper mid level cabling solutions

I’m talking about ICs and Speaker cables that do not require plans for high jacking an armored car with a couple gallons of chloroform and a helicopter with a really big magnet?

Neither is it a matter of seeking out an ‘all system’ same brand and model loom, though it could be.

In Your opinion and or experience which signal cables (or mix of) have proven themselves recently to enable a revealing system to maintain or demonstrate its integrity, truth and musicality on its best level?

Or, in other words, With which current line of wires or ‘cables’ would you feel very confident using to connect your upscale stereo outfit in 2017?

New, or pre-owned?

… and why, please?
Thanks so very much. j
Hi Jim,

I use this for interconnects:



Be warned, since they are not stranded they are pretty delicate.

Sorry, I meant KLE for the plugs:



If you not  aware already, try the  Cable Company.

Demo a handful of suggestions, and let your ears and wallet decide.

I've heard great results starting with power cables.


Clear Day speaker cables. Owner /designer/assembler, Paul Laudati is a very honorable man making high end cables at very affordable prices compared to the big boys. I swapped out Cardas Neutral Reference for the Clear Day. Clearer and more dynamic without the silver brightness. And, way less expensive. I use with VAC amplification.

Paul has 8' demo speaker cables sent out free of charge.  You must return them and then he'll make you a new pair to your specifications.  The new pair is sent with free shipping.

I've used Grover Huffman's latest and greatest cables as well. I found them less clear sounding and also lacked the dynamics.

Good luck in your search.
I agree with the Cerious Graphene Extreme (GE) recommendations for their build quality, sound quality and unprecedented value.  I have a full loom and in my system they're more extended (better high & lows) and three-dimensional than Synergistic Research's (SR) top of the line Atmosphere Level 4 cables. I'd start with the Cerious GE speaker cables to form your own opinion.
I own both Morrow and ANTICABLES products - both are highly recommended. Both companies offer try before buying audition periods and are responsive to their customers. If your system components would benefit from a more smooth sound - go with Morrow. On the other hand if a component would benefit from a more neutral sound - go with ANTICABLES. As well, I recommend giving the Reveal line of High Fidelity Cables an audition. The bottom-line is auditioning cables in your components is required so you can select what cables fine tune your system components to the sound you prefer.