2017 Honest Cabling that doesn’t promote bankruptcy

Looking for experiences and recs for current mid to upper mid level cabling solutions

I’m talking about ICs and Speaker cables that do not require plans for high jacking an armored car with a couple gallons of chloroform and a helicopter with a really big magnet?

Neither is it a matter of seeking out an ‘all system’ same brand and model loom, though it could be.

In Your opinion and or experience which signal cables (or mix of) have proven themselves recently to enable a revealing system to maintain or demonstrate its integrity, truth and musicality on its best level?

Or, in other words, With which current line of wires or ‘cables’ would you feel very confident using to connect your upscale stereo outfit in 2017?

New, or pre-owned?

… and why, please?
Thanks so very much. j
If it's affordability that you want, search Audiogon for Amadi. I gave this guy's top of the line cable a go and am truly amazed at what it does for the few dollars he charges. Musically it's wide open, detailed, and throws a huge sound stage up. It's tonally right on, and really "fast." A lot of cables smear really fast guitarists, like Jesse Cook, but this stuff stays right with it. No doubt there's better out there, but for this price ...
I really like the wire Oyaide uses in there Tunami cable. It provides a very nice sound stage (wide, deep, with air between instruments & vocalists) as well as smoothness with detail. I've recently replaced some power cords with it & am using it as speaker cable as well. For IC's I've found the AQ Yukon's to be smooth & well balanced. It should be noted that I run vacuum tubes throughout my system. At some point I'll try the Oyaide IC's as well to see if they better the Yukon's. 
It is always fun to speak with the designer of any brand so any subtlety of system matching can be worked out.

That said, there is a secret lowest priced flexible light weight IC choice  I have heard (over more than a decade} which still provides a thrilling musicality, and detail without listener fatigue. This is the Auricle Audio Design Encore! micro-mass - the original custom prototypes grace my best system to this present day.

For moderate cost, my preferred Reality Cables Original speaker cable can confidently be recommended as able to transmit "everything" including the heart and soul of the music (we vinyl fanatics actually speak this way). Reality Cables also has its own fabulous matching Original IC, delivering even more solidity and three dimensionality for a bit more cost than AAD
Both companies play well with tubes and solid state, and offer other options and prices depending on your own systems and preferences. .

I have tried many different cables, and to me and my ears, Signalcable is super affordable and they sound  better than any of my other much higher priced wires. 
Buy some good quality 12 gauge zip cord.  Strip 3/4" of the insulation and tin the bare wire with a good quality silver solder.  Form a "U" shape with the bare wire and put around the speaker and amplifier binding posts.  Bi-wiring is not necessary.  Then buy, borrow or rent the most expensive and highly recommended "high end" speaker cables you can get.  Invite friends over, audiophiles if you know some.  Blindfold them and do a blind comparison listening session listening to the same tracks for the same amount of time for each cable.  Have them take off their blindfolds and keep notes before putting them back on for the next track.  The results will surprise you.  I did this and the end result was about even with the zipcord winning by about 5%.  So, I recommend the zip cord.  It sounds just as good and is a whole lot cheaper.