2012 Discoveries

What new artists or music are you discovering in 2012 ?
I am always searching for new leads here and elsewhere.
Harry Manx may not be new to you but he is to me and I recently bought his album 'In Good we Trust' -- a great musical discovery to start the year with!
Have not heard it but will try it when i get the chance.
my recent discoveries are dated, but there are no rules on the internet, so:
1. cotton mather, kon tiki (2012 reissue of 1997 cd)--quite brilliant power pop with monster hooks and unusual depth. alternatively elvis costello-ish or beatlesque, but not slavishly so. in a parallel universe the lead guy would be a superstar.
2. dylan: a biography (book) by bob spitz)--i'm digging this; it's really well written and incisive. seems to have garnered a lot of negative reviews, who find it mean-spirited or a hack job, but i disagree--it seems balanced and gets inside the guy's head. according to this book, dylan's tested iq was a very average 106, which suprised me.
Try a copy of the new release from Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead drummer)new band The Mickey Hart Band "Mysterium Tremendum" Its very nice and strong and will take your speakers and system for a ride...give it a listen
Yes, another vote for Mickey Hart's new cd. It is his best one in my opinion.
Just got a copy of War Brides and it is also great. Thanks again for the Amelia Curran lead.