2008 Stereophile Home Entertainment expo New York

Have there been any anouncements as to if and where this year's expo will be held. I am under the impression that it'll be in new york. It seems to occur in May, thats what happened the last 4 years other than 2006 when it didn't make it to New York.
I heard there is no show period, last year I went in May over Mothers Day weekend, a friend told me they were trying to go to Miami but it fell apart so I think this year is a complete wash. Ofcourse others may know more than me or my friend but he is a very reliable source and I think he read it in Stereophile or on website.
I was on the website the other day, although I don't have the link handy. There was basically two choices on the home page. First a link for highlights of the show last year. Second, a statement saying stay tuned for upcoming details about the 2009 show.

Obviously, that is substantially less than promising and it looks like no show this year. Too bad. I was looking forward to it.

There is an audio show in Montreal in April for whatever that is worth.
What kind of world do we live in????
The best city in the world, and no audiophile show. I'm moving to Canada, can one find french food there. Even more reason to go!
Let's host our own expo.
It'll include only analog rigs, properly set-up, wine, cheese, belgian ale, big rooms, vintage quads, infinity, sound labs, what else?
Live jazz and chamber music?
Live feeds to audition speakers?
And one duck egg.

Wine, cheese Belgian ales!!! I'm in, oh wait audio too! Cool!

I too heard the show was not going to happen this year, to bad it is usually pretty fun and last year I got to drop in and surprise mom on Mothers day. Seems the show was costing them way to much money to continue.