2007 CES Room info request

This is s short thread intended to post manufacturer's rooms at 2007 CES as a resource.

I am interested, and missing info for: Sonus Faber, Magico, Nova Physics, Cayin, Consonance, Pass Labs and APL.

Here is some of what I've found. Not sure about the VAC info as the room number doesn't seem to follow the pattern of the other rooms at the Venetian, but I found the info on the VAC website.:

Silverline - Venetian CES Suite 29-130
Devore - Venetian CES Suite 29-327
Coincident - Venetian CES Suite 29-310
Tyler (PD15) - St. Tropez 1901
Green Mountain Audio - Venetian CES Suite 29-332
Fremont Escalante - St. Tropez 1401
Modwright - St. Tropez 1401, 1403
VAC - Venetian 4606
Lamm - Venetian CES Suite 34-309
Gamut - 690 East Oquendo
Las Vegas, NV 89120
10 AM - 6:30 PM daily
Please call to schedule a
ride: 1-800-536-7052
There is an easier way. You can down load the PDF from


although it's not complete, and goes by exhibitors.

Magico - 29 (Tower Number) 231 (Suite)
Pass Labs - 29 (Tower Number) 140 (Suite)

You can search online too.


I searched and matched these:

Cayin - VAS Industries The Venetian Tower Ven 30-227
Sonus Faber - Sumiko The Venetian Tower Ven 35-207,208
Nova Physics - no match
Consonance - no match

APL are sure to be at THE Show, rather than CES. Is it your intention to reference both? The last two are probably at THE Show too (the Memory Player).

Thanks Metralla. I do intend to visit both CES and T.H.E. Show insofar as the exhibitors on my list include each show.

Thus far, I have not found an easy method for determining T.H.E. Show exhibitor rooms since the host website does not publish room numbers as in past years.
Grant were you able to hear the speakers that were on your finalist's list? Decide?