2006 McIntosh MA6500 new unwrapped in box..value?

This Int. Amp of varying ages and condition have for $2500-2700 on Audiogon..
what should a later model (2006/$4000 Retail) Unused new (nos) still unwrapped in orig box & warranty be priced?
The 120 watt MA6500 is the same value as the 100 watt model it replaced (MA6300) ?? .. As those sell for $2500-3000 used on ebay(not NOS) .
The MA6300 is a current model, therefore it is more expensive. I've seen MA6500's between $2,000 and $2,500 in audiogon, ebay and craigslist. A lot of them in like new condition.
About the warranty, the amp is too old so it doesn't apply anymore (even if you never filled the form).
I thought the 100 watt..41 lb..MA6300 Integrated Amp was the previous model but I was mistaken..it is the current entry level model.
Still,.. a 120 watt..55lb.. MA6500 unused is worth more than a used MA6300 simply because it is a better amp.
Hi Athana,

Forget about this amp. I used to have it and sold it off within 6 months. Regretted buying it - there were a lot more negatives than positives. The dynamic headroom was rather limited - it doesn't get louder before things started to sound ragged with the soundstage collapsing. Just my humble personal experience.