2006 McIntosh MA6500 new unwrapped in box..value?

This Int. Amp of varying ages and condition have for $2500-2700 on Audiogon..
what should a later model (2006/$4000 Retail) Unused new (nos) still unwrapped in orig box & warranty be priced?
You might have 2 years warranty If your the 1st owner..Call Audio Classics and ask them they are in Vestal NY. You can ask about value as well.
If you cab acquire the serial number, call McIntosh. They would be the warrantor. Yes Audio Classics may give you a good feel for value. Actually I would eMail McIntosh so you have a documented source should they offer warranty. Chuck Hinton is always very helpful.
The 120 watt MA6500 is the same value as the 100 watt model it replaced (MA6300) ?? .. As those sell for $2500-3000 used on ebay(not NOS) .
The MA6300 is a current model, therefore it is more expensive. I've seen MA6500's between $2,000 and $2,500 in audiogon, ebay and craigslist. A lot of them in like new condition.
About the warranty, the amp is too old so it doesn't apply anymore (even if you never filled the form).