2005 Remembrance

As 2005 comes to an end, and the media does their usual year-end recap of notable losses, several names have found their way onto the list, including........

Peter Jennings, James Doohan (Scotty), Richard Pryer, ect...

Here in music circles, there are those to be remembered as well, such as:

Jimmy Smith, THE Man on the Hammond B3.

Shirley Horn, Jazz pianist and vocalist.

Myron Floren, the accordion player on "The Lawrence Welk Show".

Skitch Henderson, the first bandleader on "The Tonight Show".

Frances Langford, singer who performed regularly with Bob Hope on USO tours during World War II and other conflicts.

Chris LeDoux, country music singer known especially for his song "Whatcha Gonna Do with a Cowboy", he was a former rodeo star.

Ray Peterson, known primarily for his hit 1960 song, "Tell Laura I Love Her".

Bobby Short, cabaret singer, a fixture at the Cafe Carlyle in New York for over 35 years. He also appeared in episodes of the TV series "In the Heat of the Night".

Luther Vandross, R&B singer.

Danny Sugerman - Manager of The Doors

Spenser Dryden - Drummer for Jefferson Airplane

Keith Knudsen - Longtime drummer for the Doobie Brothers

Danny Joe Brown - Lead singer for Molly Hatchet

Lee Mallory - Singer/songwriter for The Association

Rod Price - Guitarist for Foghat

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown - Blues musician

Renaldo "Obie" Benson - Four Tops

Gone, but not forgotten. May they rest in peace.

And our good friend Pat Malone (AKA Lugnut, here at Audiogon).
We live in the everlasting present moment. Nonetheless I applaud your taking the the time to remind of who we've lost and memorialize them. I am sure other members have been lost perhaps their friends could put thier names up in tribute.
Bob Crump; TG Audio, CTC Builders & Dam Repair

On a more famous note: Rodney Dangerfield
Singer, songwriter, guitar player extraordinaire,Chris Whitley 1960-2005. Rest in peace Chris.
Good thread. Agree about "Lugnut" Pat Malone, having had the pleasure of meeting him at RMAF. Rhyno, I was about to suggest Bob Crump as well. I guess we can pay our last disrespects to Rodney :-) although he was quite a different person in his private life.
The meltdown of Michael Jackson.

Actually, I feel mostly pity and not anger towards Michael Jackson. Although I was not into his style of music, no one could deny his talent. Wonder why someone who seemingly has everything going for him has a total cranial meltdown, becoming a bizarre freakazoid. He is now a pariah, who must live abroad, and I don't see his career ever come back.

Phil Spector, we'll see what happens to him...another bizzaro!
Not a good year for bass players: we lost Ray Brown and Nils Henning Orsted Pedersen: Two very different, but influential jazz players of the highest order.
Ray Brown left in 2002, Rodney in 04. Just found out that Derek Bailey died last week. This guy was not an easy listen, (kind of like the Cecil Taylor of the guitar world), but the little bit that i've managed to soak up is amazing. Fortunately players like Fred Frith, Marc Ribot and Noel Akchote have learned alot from Bailey and are still around. Steve Marcus (sax) from Maynard Ferguson, The Counts Rock Band and lots of excellent Larry Coryell recordings also passed on.
New year's night is not complete without a toast to Pat Malone.
Vassar Clements & Hunter S. Thompson, RIP
Don Adams - Agent 86 of "Get Smart"
Tommy Bond- Butchie of the Little Rascals
Dont forget Stanley(Tookey) Williams.