2003 CES Show Report from Father & Son Audio

Finally got the pics on the web. Report is not quite done yet, should be by the end of the week. If you have a slow internet connection, be patient, there are a LOT of pics.


Dear Fs,
How about splitting your report into a couple of files. Your current file took ~25 minutes to download with 56k modem, dialup!!!
Sure, I can do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
Thank you guys very much for a job well done. These photographs are better than in all the professional show reports I have seen.
Thank you, Fs, for sharing with the rest. I'm sure your effort will be appreciated. Cheers
Looking at all that gear.... feel like I need a FIX!!!
Thanks for the pics and the report. Great job!
I saw the picture of the new VMPS speakers, how was the finish on these? hard to tell from the picture, also how did they sound in that small room?
Thanks for the kind words everyone, appreciate it. By the way, as I stated in the report, it is not quite done yet, so check back often, as I will add more comments as time permits.

Sogood51...The finish was quite good on the VMPS. Given the amount of hype surrounding these speakers, I must admit our expectations were high. Unfortunately, the sound was not anything to get excited about. Dry and lifeless were the first terms that came to our minds. Maybe it was the room, or the goofy "Trinaural" processor they were using...I am not sure. However, as with all products at the show, just because we say we didn't like the sound, it does NOT mean that the products themselves are "bad".

Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
Thanks Mike, I look forward to reading your full report on the show.
Hi Mike....Thanks for some of the best CES coverage I've seen. Just curious when you heard the VMPS RM/X- early on or later in the weekend? Brian Cheney admits the sound was far from good in the beginning, but really had it dialed in by Sunday. Some Harmonic Discorders who also heard the RM/X's were also less than thrilled until they heard again when Brian had them dialed in. Just curious as I own the RM40 and the sound is far from dry and lifeless, not that I'm saying that's what you heard. Brian said him made some changes in aiming the tweeter pod so maybe that was the cause? Just curious- thanks again for all of your input.

Great pictures! I'll be coming back to your website for more pictures.
Awesome "reporting" !! Thanks for the pics -- (for those of us that had to stay home in colder climates).

I'd of been slaverin' like a the Wolf in a house full of Lil' Red Riding hood clones!!
Excellent pics!

Thanks for the tour and pictures! Very thoughtful, might be the closest I'll come to ever being there until my retirement a long way down the road!
Mike thank you sincerely for sharing this report; your perspective is appreciated.
The Audio Magic Stealth Kukama is a DAC not a power conditioner and there is a review on the six moons web site. Great pics, thanks a lot.
Thanks Mahandave I was wondering about that. Has anyone found any info. on their new Matrix line conditioner? Reportedly killer.
Dear FS

The pictures and commentary were great. In the audiopax room I believe the speakers were their own, prototypes, not available yet. A friend heard them and liked them a lot. Great job
just a clarification.. When I spoke to Jean Paul at AA he told me that the Audio Aero Prestige Universal Player would be $15,000. Availability would 2-3 months

Oh.. I also want to add that I was really impressed with the new Rogue Tube Amp.. was smooth and detailed and from what I was told pretty affordable.. they may have a winner !

Thanks again for the pics..FS_audio !

SoGood51: Finish on the VMPS RM/x to my hands and eyes was beautiful and very well made -- truly piano quality, yet the speakers are not the art that is Wilson or Avangarde (but to my ears, particularly with the triaural processer, they were things neither of those speakers will ever be).
Thanks for the report! You mentioned the Totem room... I'm curious to know if it had Forests, if yes, what did they power them with and what cables were used. Also, just your general opinion if the sound. If you could help me out I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
You guys must have missed the Wadia room. They showed with Avalon Eidolon Diamonds and a Jeff Rowland 302. they unviled their new processor, the 921. You commented in your rerport that Wadia was only seen in one room with an 861. Wrong!
Good show guys. Thanks! Was that a TacT transport in the photo?
No mention of such a product on their site. Any comments on that room?
This is the old 2003 CES report not the 2004 CES report for this year.
Dooooh! Thanks Tweety.
Boy, do I feel stupid!
Hey guys, sorry for the confusion. I just saw this thread today, otherwise I would have let you know sooner that you were looking at last year's report. We have been swamped since returning from the show, hence the delay in posting it on our website. It WILL be up by Monday morn though (1/19), so check the site then. Sorry for the delay.

Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio