2000s Home Theater

Hi guys, I own a 20 year old home theater and I want to update it by connecting a blu-ray player and an apple tv. Am I able to do so with my current set up? What would I need to change/buy? My idea is to spent as little as possible. 


  1. Krell Home Theater Standard
  2. Krell Dvd Standard
  3. Transparent PowerBank
  4. Krell Kav-3250
  5. Krell Full Power Balanced 600


  1. A pair of B&W Signature 800
  2. A pair of B&W Nautilus 804
  3. B&W asw-2000 Subwoofer

The system is great, the Krell HT Standard lacks the HDMI connectivity and the latest codecs. The DAC’s are pretty dated, but might still sound nice.

I would keep everything else and contact a Krell dealer to see about exchanging it for something from the last 5 years that has a 4K capable HDMI connection and modern room correction software. The amps and speakers are very nice. If you want the cheapest solution possible you could get a Sony UBP 800 blueray player which has internal decoding and two hdmi outputs. Hook the HDMI or spdif for audio out to the Krell processor and the other one out to your video display:


Get an Anthem MRX receiver and use it as a processor. That's going to be your cheapest solution which takes BD as well as Audio Return Channel from the TV for streaming or your Apple TV.

The better solution of course is a dedicated processor instead of a receiver, but of course it's much more expensive.

Just thought about this.  If money is really the most important thing, you are better off connecting everything to your TV, and using the digital outputs to connect to the HTS. It will all work, but you won't get the best multi-channel experience. 

I see you just joined.  You'll get answers here but this isn't an HT forum.  The focus here is on high end 2 channel sound.  Some guys have both.  

You’re Krell has surround sound analog inputs (7.1) from what I can tell.

Those inputs were made so that your Krell wouldn’t become completely obsolete.

Now is the time to utilize those inputs (in my opinion).

You would need a Blu-Ray Player that performs internal decoding and that has analog outputs.

Looking at Crutchfield.com here is one option: The Panasonic DP-UB820

You should be able to connect the analog outputs from the Panasonic to your Krell 7.1 analog inputs and get the latest surround sound format, like DTS HD-Master and Dolby True HD (except for Dolby Atmos).

If by chance you are interested in Dolby Atmos, you would need to get a new AVR and additional Dolby Atmos Speakers.

That is probably the cheapest way to go that I can think of.

Hope that helps.



What % do you use this system for HT or 2-channel, and which is more important?

Could go 4k with the Panasonic UB9000 which has analog outs for sound and a separate output for video. If you don't need 4k, you could go with a higher-end unit like the Sony BDP S5000ES. That's a $2000 player you can pick up for a couple hundred bucks these days.