$2000- step up integrated or seperates?

I currently own a 2 channel pretty low watt/channel Rotel amplifier. In the future I will probably scew my purchases towards home theatre to accommodate TV/DVD/and music. (This next purchase will likely be my last purchase in terms of amplifiers for many years).

What would be my best bet?

a) Step up to a multi-channel integrated amplifier that can one day accomodate 4 speakers+ subwoofer?

b) Get seperate Amp and Pre-amp that will accomplish the same as a.

Also what would you recommend in terms of models?
Sounds like a question for Foreverhifi. That
is a compliment by the way...
Ask yourself whether performance or convenience is most important. Also consider how much space you want to give to the equipment. If you want a relatively small package with the most convenience, go for the integrated. If you want the highest performance, go with the separates. Once you have made your decision and purchase, stop worrying about it and just enjoy it.