$2000 speaker help

I posted under the amp section and everyone agreed that I should choose speakers first.

I'm considering the B&W cm8, Paradigm Studio 60, Dali Ikon 6 Mk2, Salk Songtower QWT, and Ascend Acoustics Sierra tower.

I listen to mostly rock, jazz and electronic. Smaller room 15X20. I'll be upgrading the amp next, so I'm not sure my current amp needs to be considered. Not interested in using an additional sub.
Vandersteen IIe Signatures, great speakers.
Do you know what amp you will power them with yet or have any in mind? As you probably know some speakers need more power than others. So it would help to know the amp to give you any meaningful suggestions on speakers.

The Vandersteen's 2e that Macdadtexas said are great.

I heard the Paradigm Studio 60 and they were fantastic. They were driven by a inexpensive 50 watt Jolida tube amp. The combo sounded really good together. Those don't need much power either.

Another good one is the Dynaudio DM 3/7 floor standers right at $2000. Those would suit your musical taste in rock and electronic really well. They need more power than the Paradigms though so you might need more like 100 watt of solid state power to drive them well. I hope this helps!
Upstream is just as important.
>>11-17-11: Polk432
Upstream is just as important.<<

Not true.

Everything starts and revolves around the speakers.
I agree with the room/speakers being the most important. The Vandersteens are an excellent recommendation. But..., ultimately I prefer used Thiel 3.5's. The only caveat is that the Thiels prefer more expensive amplification. Not to worry, for roughly about $2500 for both speakers and amplification, you could have the basis for a system that (unless you need very loud bass), won't need a sub woofer, and would cost many times that amount to improve upon.
How about the GoldenEar Triton 2? List is $2500; you could probably negotiate down to $2K, and their demands are so modest that ancillary requirements are modest. The mid/tweet section is very well integrated and is fast, transparent, and yet smooth. It is an MTM arrangement where the tweeter is a folded ribbon in the tradition of the Heil AMT, but a newer, smoother, and better balanced version. The bass is handled by built-in powered subwoofers (good down to the mid-20s at least). Therefore you can integrate the bass level with room size. Front baffle is a mere 7" wide and imaging and soundstage are excellent.

You have to plug the speakers into AC, but the only connection you need between amp and speakers is a single speaker wire pair. No bi-amping, no jumpers, and no need for RCAs (though it provides for them if you want that).

The load is not demanding on the amp. Speakers easily reveal improvements in amp/preamp quality, but you can also get by with a 50wpc integrated. In fact, Sandy Gross, CEO and co-designer, uses a SET amp to power his.
I will have a pair of B&W 801 E-series speakers with stands posted here very soon. Need to get pictures taken. Great speaker for all types of music.
Lots of great speakers out there to choose from, tough decision to make.
Problem I live in Alaska. Shipping costs more.
Joe Nies
I agree with Polk432.

In fact there are many audiophiles who would say upstream is the most important.

To me Upstream is at least just as important as the others. It is all about putting together a complete system and having good system synergy. You can not have $2000 dollar speakers hooked up to a $2000 amp and then use a $200 CD player or turntable and expect that everything is going to sound great.