2000 Rega Planar2

Is there any improved on 2000 planar2 (any difference from 1999 year) like P3 2000 upgrade? Thanks, Rute
dunno, but at this price-range, i'd recommend buying something used - best bang-for-the-buck, imho. many choices out there - well-tempered 'table comes to mind, i'm sure others can offer more recommendations...
You definitely want to look at some used stuff. I bought a used Sota Comet with a stock Rega RB300 arm. It smokes my Planar 2 with Origin Live modified RB250. I have to admit that all I read about upgrading Regas by keeping the stock arm and replacing the table to be true!
Rute1-I tried o find ot if the P-2 has been upgraded but failed in my search.I just saw the new P-3 and if the P-2 has been upgraded then Im sure it would be the same.The P-3 has the P-25 and P-9 plinth added.But it is a one piece plinth.The P -25 and P-9 has a plinth that has an inner plinth isolated from the outer plinth with 4 rods.The P-3 now has the same motor as the P-25.Thats it for the upgrade.Hope this helps....
Thanks you all so much for help me, Rute.
The new P2 has a new motor, now firmly attached to the plinth, and a new platter. Instead of glass, it uses a sort of fiberboard with injected metal particles. The platter doesn't feel as substantial, but its quite nonresonant.