2000 or less : best choices for mains?

Question 1:
I have Paradigm Studio 40's V2 run by an Onkyo 575x. I was thinking about spending $2000 on new main speakers. What speaker(s) are the best for around that price range? I've heard the Paradigm Studio 100's are up there. Any others? I'll go used if i have to.

Question 2:
I am thinking about buying the Paradigm Servo-15 sub or the Velodyne HGS-18. Any thoughts? Any others to consider? We mostly watch movies/tv but i also listen to all types of music and like excellent bass. We had a Sunfire MKII for a while, nice sub, but i'd like more. Thanks!
My experience with Paradigm Reference speakers is that they can sound excellent, but the quality of upstream components is key.

It's amazing what these speakers can do with high quality sources, cabling, and recordings. I think you're doing well for speakers in this price range, especially if you add in their excellent Servo-15 or similar. I can't recall if the S-15 has a continuously adjustable phase control, but if it does, it can help you with nailing the sub imaging right between your mains.

I think what I'd do if I was you is make sure you have your speakers on good heavy stands, then put extra into raising the quality of the other pieces. Cables might be a good start if you don't have quality ones yet.
The Servo-15 if you get it with the companion X-30 crossover does have variably adjustable 0-180° phase. I own the X-30, but have never heard either the Servo-15 or HGS-18. However, I would suspect that the HGS is bit more of a HT sub than a music one.
If you intend to do any music listening, I would stay away from the Paradigm Servo 15. It has tons of bass and is tight, but it's not that musical. It's tough for a 15" to be real musical. I would give the 60's a listen before you settle for the 100's. The 60's will image better and may be a little more accurate in the lower midrange because of the decreased woofer. Especially if you are adding a sub, you shouldn't need the 100's, unless you like their size.
If you have the slightest DIY in you look at a Northcreek Kit. The Rhythm speaker is nice. Or go to Madisound Speaker Building forum and do one of the kits you run into there. From Tim Murphy or one of the better builders at Mad. They will blow away Paradigms, IMHO.

Hi Weed,

I had a Sunfire True Sub and upgraded to the HGS-15. It was a great move. I use it with a Gallo Nucleus setup and find it a great sub on both movies and music. If your mains go down to a respectible level (30Hz) than you won't need too much help from the sub for most music. I have my crossover set at 40Hz and the HGS blends with the mains quite well. I guess if you were using the sub for more of a sub-sat configuration then your results might be different.

Good Luck

I'm a great partisan of Paradigm, but I have to agree that the North Creek Rhythm will blow it away. HOWEVER, you'll have to add a sub if you want full range response because the North Creek, while it offers wonderful mids and highs, will chop off the bottom octave or octave and a half of the music.

Yes, you definitely DO need a sub with the Studio 100's. I've sampled them many times with and without a Servo-15. Night and day...
It sounds like you have a H/T setup, so you will need to stay with paradigm or consider replacing all 5 speakers. However I don't think the problem is the speakers, it's your reciever. 70 watts is not enough for the studio 40's. You will find they are capable of quite a bit more bass when you improve your amp. Try going to B&K or outlaw audio for their pre/power amp combo. If you go used you can easily stay under 2k. If money's tight, the H/K 2.0,2.1 combo can be had for about $800, which will blow away any reciever except maybe the B&K. Then you will have enough left over for a used servo 15 or hsu's new VTF-3. This will have a far greater impact then upgrading to the studio 100's. let us know how it all turns out-