$2000.00 to spend on new speakers.

I’m wanting to upgrade from my Klipsch RP-600M bookshelves. Budget is $2000.00. Opinions would be appreciated. 
My system is as follows:
Pro-Ject RPM-10 Carbon
Nagaoka MP200
Parasound JC3+Denefrips Pontus II
Wilsenton R8
2x REL T5i
Sonore MicroRendu
MacMini running Roon server
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I would go for the small british monitor because you have the two subs and it will mesh with the subs well and give you a better tonality than the klipsch a good example would be a used spendor or rogers or harbeth ls3/5a derivative.
Another vote for Fritz.  I have his compact Carbon 6s (he's local, and had a show/demo pair to keep them within my budget) - just delighted!  Great guy to deal with.  He gave me a month or so to evaluate them before gently calling to see if I was happy.  If they were stolen or destroyed, I'd buy them again.
Keep using what you have, save a little more! Get better speakers. The patience is worth the wait. 

You should consider Monitor Audio Silver 300.  On the Stereophile recommended equipment list, and the MSRP is $2,200, so you might get a small discount and be right at budget.

Sounds like a good deal!
Let us know your impressions?