200 wpc bass amplifier suggestions

I am considering Emerald Physics CS2's. They are talking about a 200 wpc bass amp.

Any inexpensive suggestions?
I don't know about bass amps in general but Wyred 4 Sound has some powerful and relatively inexpensive amps that are very good quality. Wyred and the CS2's have been paired together at CES.
One of the best deals for a bass amp would be either a Eagle (John Iverson) or EKSC (rebuilds and new by former Electron Kinetics tech). Both stereo (2 or 2A) and mono (400) versions are available used for great prices.
I have 2 eagle 2c prime amps(updated by Russell@eagle audio)in august 2009 driving emerald physics cs2.3s
in a vertical bi amp mode and IMO they are magical on these speakers I have a wyred 2x125 &2x500 that i bought with cs2s and it sits in the closet. if toy can find some eagles you will be delighted
While the Eagles/EKSC amps can be outstanding full range on some speakers (I've never heard B&W 801s sound better), their best performance (my opinion here) is in the bass range. This is why I recommended them. So thanks to Steve for reporting on their match with the Emerald Physics. I've never heard that so wanted to make my suggestion clear.