200 to 300 wpc amp revised question

i forgot to mention in my previous question that the reason for leaving the threshold s200 at 100 wpc is that I purchased von schweikerts vr4. although i haven't even hooked them up to the threshold yet, i was told they would need 200wpc, actually in an email from von schweikert himself.
How often will you be listening to your system at levels that will be using 200 wpc? In my experience there are very few times that an amp is forced to work hard.

To say that the speaker has to have a 200wpc amp is plain stupid. Unless you are using this set up in a bar, most of the time you will be doing well to be pushing 50 wpc.

Under powering a speaker is generally more problematic than over-powering it. But the Threshold amp is not a poor quality low powered amp. I really can't forsee a problem mating those two pieces of gear. Von Schweikert might make a good speaker, but he gives questionable advice on powering those speakers.
I'm not familiar with these speakers but if they are current hungry the Threshold will do just fine. Don't forget that doubling the power only buys you an extra 3 dB.
I agree with the last two posters! As long as your speakers don't dip to 1 ohm and known to melt down bruiser amplifiers you will be ok. I would rather have an amplifier that gets the first few watts right. Most of us that haven't destroyed our hearing already with steady 90 db plus listening can be very happy with a 100 wpc amplifier that has decent current. The faster your amplifier can change to the needs of the music and demands of your speakers..the better it will sound. Just having an amplifier that claims tons of wattage doesn't guarantee this.

Just as an example you can take a 100 wpc digital amplifier and a 200 wpc typical analog bruiser of the same quality. The digital amplifier can be from 10 to 20 times faster in responding to the changes in the music. These are generalizations but hearing is believing!

Happy Listening!
If you're listening at levels that may cause clipping then 200 wpc is a good idea. It's better to have more than you need. I'm a firm believer in having more than I need and at present my 200wpc amp is adequate. I often listen at levels with peaks hitting mid 90's at my listening position which is about 10 feet from the speakers. The speakers sensitivity is 90db at one watt. You can easily draw 200wpc listening at loud levels when the bass is strong. More drivers are blown by not enough power is another reason.
My speakers a sensativity rating of 93dB.

I have a total of 1200 per side into 4 ohms. You can NEVER have too much power. Get as big as you can afford to buy and lift. And, of course stay with the best brand you can afford.


I concur totally with the last post, and site the first posts as simply incorrect. Large powerful amplifiers are necessary to provide instantaneous current, dynamic headroom, driver control and impedance matching.

It is not simply a matter of watching the RMS power meter. If that were the case, most people would never need more than 30 or 40 watts, MAX.

I have listened to multiple systems, at calibrated volume levels, and switching the same manufacturers smaller and bigger amps in and out. The differences are real and audible.

Flubby bass notes became clear and displayed new timbre. Leading edges of sound were more real, tones truer. Suprisingly, the smallest details sounded clearer, more life like. In neither case was one amp capable of more volume than the other, but the larger amp was always better at all sound pressure levels.