$200 or less 8' Run - Zu WAX, AP, Singal, Others?

Looking for used 8' run of good cable $200 or less for a more modest second system. Not trying to match components specifically (and I know cables are system dependant), except I'd like something detailed and fairly transparent with good mids (I find mids are often a missing link) -- robust lows and sharp highs are less of an issue (think vocals).

Considering AP (have had good luck with AP Oval 9s), Zu Cable WAX (good press) and Signal Cable (straightforward and a nice price reputation -- though I've never tried their speaker cable). Any experience between these
The best value in speaker cables is the new River Cables Flexygy 6. Their website is www.rivercable.com . They have a 30 day money-back guaranty. I have a pair in my bedroom system and the sound is so natural and musical that I have to drag myself away just to listen to my $2000.00 speaker cables in my main system.
At the recommendation of a friend I bought a pair of Zu WAX bi-wire cables to use in my main system between my BATVK-500 amplifier and Eminent Technology LFTVIII speakers. My friend warned me Zu cables take a long long time to break in so I bought'em prepared to take the time necessary to get my system dialed in, but after three months I gave up and sold the WAX. I would characterize the Zu WAX as inarticulate, smeared, and uninvolving. Maybe I needed to give them more time but 90 days seemed like plenty of time to me. Zu offers a 30 day money back guarantee, but again their products are notorious for taking forever to break in so the guarantee isn't terribly useful. If you want to try the WAX buy 'em on Ebay, Zu sells their stuff direct at considerable discounts there. Final thoughts on Zu, very friendly and responsive guys and their products are priced fairly.

I replaced the Zu with some DH Labs Q10 wire and I'm very happy with the change, I would recommend you give DH a try as it fits in your price range and to my ears are pretty hard to beat. Components, room, synergy, and personal preferences vary but I thought I'd chime in and let you know my first-hand experience.
I would second the DH Labs Q-10 cables. I bought a pair for my son's system, he's 10. I bought them used here on Audiogon, don't remember what I paid, but when we got them, I couldn't resist putting them in in my 2 channel set up. I was very suprised at the performance of these cables, I know that they beat the Kimber 8TC that I used to have in my HT. I upgraded the HT to Acoustic Zen Satori's, haven't done an A-B with the Q-10's though. I personally think that you could be very happy with the Q-10's.
For your price range of $200 or lower I would definately try ELF Custom cables,Inc Silver Surfer speaker cables($65/8ft).I started out with those to see if I would want his more ambitios design's,and they are just what you are looking for.They are very transparent with great detail,and their bass is nice tight.He offer's a 30 day trial money back gurantee.
Canare Starquad 4S11 at 69 cents a foot from Markertek.com is a no-brainer. It's used by professional recording studios for speaker cable and microphone cable.

As another alternative, you can try the new MAS Hybrid Reference Silver Core for 30 days. It runs $299 for 8 feet.

I'd start with the Canare. Less than $16 for your application!
Kimber 8TC. The old classic. Love it.
My favorite recommendation is the $180 custom pair of eight foot cables from Audiogon member, Gregg Straley. They replaced excellent Alpha Core MI-3, and AG-1 cables, and are just super for their price, or any price.
The money back guarantee assures these are what you want, in your own system, or back they go. Mine stay, and keep me up to 3 AM with their musical, detailed, three dimensionality. Even the hidden bass drum freak within is finally satisfied.
Jeffloistarca, I am supprised with you findings with the WAX. I did a direct comparison with the DH Labs Q-10 & the Zu Julian (lower level than the WAX). The Julian was very similar to the Q-10, but it had better detail for me. I then upgraded from the Julian to the WAX. The WAX was hands down more involving than the Julian. The WAX does have a long break in, but in my tests they were worth the wait.