$20 tweak to tame that digital shrillness

I sent my favorite CDs to this guy in the buttom, and he made a super duper version of it for me, and it sounds smooth and dynamic, like a good analogue sound of LP.

I was never satisfied with CD sound, and was thinking of upgrading, but now I am happy with it - the source was the problem.

You know the Europian thinking that the source is the most important link ...

Might want to give it a try before shelling out thousands for an upgrade you don't need.

Sounds like he has the secret to the mysterious Burwen Bobcat?

When this software hits freeware sites, will this decrease the used value of the $1500 Burwen Bobcat device?
Why not put an equalizer in your signal chain instead of using one in some guy's computer for $20 per disc?
How about a 20 cent tweek? Just put a dime in each ear.
Just use EAC or Plextor Tools to rip a CD on a computer lossless and then reburn the CD... this will smooth out the top and produce a cd that is easier for your player to read assuming it reads CDR's.
BTW, the Burwen Bobcat is now available as a software only version (Bobcat RE, $200), without requiring the Bobcat USB DAC.

I haven't listened the Bobcat itself, nor the improvement on the software.

Anybody heard it? At $1500 for the software/DAC combo, it was harder to justify. At $200 for the software only, it's becoming more reasonable.
I know very little about this subject. If the process "smooths" out the top (which I agree many CDs need) how does it happen? Or, what is the mechanism behind the change?
I heard Mark's rather controlled demo of the Burwen-Bobcat at H.E. 2005 in NYC. It was smooth, but not overly involving or "magical." However, since we were unable to hear an unprocessed CD, it's hard to make the call. I have an EQ in my rack for those times when I just can't tolerate a bright rock CD. I use it less and less as my system improves.

The problem, of course, is that along with taming that digital edge, you also dump detail resolution. Having heard redbook playback systems that offer plenty of resolution without any digital harshness, I know what's possible. Now, my mission is to get as close to that ideal as possible without taking a second mortgage out on my home.