20 feet interconnects

Hi guys, I posted a similar question a while ago. It's time for new power amp(s). I have had my mind set on trying the D-Sonic 600w monos with
a 60.000 ohms input impedance. Now something else came up and these
amps have a low 20.000 ohms input impendance. I need to use
about 20 feet long balanced ICs. My preamp, Coincident Ststement ,has a 500 ohm output impedance according to spec.
Is this bad thinking?
Will I risk loosening highs or lows from this kind of set up?
I'm willing to try a very low capacitance IC like Darwin or something similar.
I've used this set up with a Plinius SA 102 ( about 45000 ohms I p imp )
and it sounded very good to me.
Any input is welcome.
Hi Mikko,

In that you have had success with the 45,000 ohm Plinius I would think you will find this set up will serve you well. The 20 foot balanced interconnect is not an issue. I have build up to 50 foot balanced cables for clients and they sound great. If they were RCA you might indeed have some issues.
Very good to read that.
Jadem6, thanks.
More input is welcome.
Jadem6, nice amps you have(-: