20 amp to 15 amp IEC Adapters

Is there a lower cost solution to the voodoo adapter with comparable quality?
I searched but couldn't find one so I bought the Voodoo .... It worked great...
Why not just replace the 20amp IEC with a 15amp IEC?
I got a couple of quotes to change the 15A IEC on my power cord and it was going to cost twice as much as the VooDoo adapter. So I bought the adapter.
Ya - i thought to change only the plug too, though too costly, plus i could mess up some of the delicate-original manufacturing potentially... I was actually hoping to find an all copper generic adapter for cheap.

Sometimes there is no advantage in buying a audiophile brand - for for certain parts.

Thanks all - unless there's still a magic solution still out there
i just ordered one of these yesterday from voodoo. i was surprised i could not find anything else out there.
Thanks - I bought the Voodoo
Shunyata also makes one.
Thanks though the Shunyata is $160 compared to the Voodoo $59
I agree with Brf, why not go with the 15 amp IEC?
hi-the way it was manufactured there is a bulky filter at the neck preventing me sliding the IEC base down to get at the screw terminals; and if I could barely achieve that I would risk messing up the original manufacturing, not to mention have very little slack to re-install at the terminals.(Nightmare)

Update I bought the Voodoo - he swears there cannot be any degradation, and I get the added bonus of having a 20 amp option at me disposable for future applications .