20 Amp Lines w/separate ground

Here in Audiophile forums, at the first page, you may fill in a request to search headlines. I just put in "dedicated lines" and came up with two recent topics with some very good posts on this very subject. If you search there and read what has been offered, you may achieve instant gratification. In fact, you can even post to one of those existing threads if you wish. I hope this will give you a quick start on this diverse and complicated subject.
I put in 20 amp, w/ sep ground recently. Amazing the differnce. Then I added a cinepro 20. Even better. I think dedicated lines are the best for the buck, then add the conditioner of your choice...
I checked Albert's suggestion--there is some very good information there, but those posts are a little dated (not that the information is less relavent--but new posts will get some additional information). About 2 years ago I added a dedicated 220V 30amp line. Using a toroidal transformer I stepped this down to 110V 60amps (very close to the audio room). From that I ran 4 separate 20 amp circuits, with 10 gauge wire, Hubble outlets, indendent industrial EMI and RFI filters and independent true grounds. The step down transformer gives you 55 volts on the + and neutral pole of the plug. It is out of phase so it acts as a noise cancelling system. I agree with Jfrech--this is cost effective!! I was having a lot of work done at the house, so the cost was $500 + the transformer and filters. It was done by a licensed electrician (which I HIGHLY recommend unless you are very competent or you want to burn your house down). I do use some additional line filtering at the source components, and oddly enough found it to make a bigger difference on the digital equipment than the analog equipment. In fact I'm not sure the additional filtering has had any affect on the analog equipment, but it definitely does on the digital. I haven't figured out why. Okay, I've rambled long enough--good luck to you.
Here is my 2cents worth,depending where you live depends on the improvements of dedicated lines.Yes there will still be benefits of line conditioners,however in my experience high dollar power cords seem to make less improvements with dedicated lines.I have had this done several times(moved several times)and one thing that I never see mentioned is if budget is a concern if you switch your lines at the box where the outlet where the stereo is plugged in is the first line to get juice that by itself is a upgrade in itself.I did this once and got a remarkable improvement and then later had seperate line and ground put in when finances allowed and couldnt tell a difference so I felt like a dip.But keep in mind the condition of your electric plays a big part in the effect.My friend lives 20min away and has the worst electric I have ever encountered but I live in a small city out in the country with little electric trouble while he lives in the big city and has to run conditioners on just about everything.
Abstract7. Love the setup! I just wired my house with 4 dedicated lines, hubbels, star ground etc. The local stereo shop folks thought it was the wildest thing they had ever heard of (small town stereo store don't cha know). Reading your post makes me want to get the electrician over tonight to redo the whole thing.
Hello, yes yes yes! Like one of the other respondents I was having work done to my house.  Hired an electrician to put in two 20 amp lines for my system. I am using PS Audio outlets, but there are many out there that are great.  The difference is like turning on a light in the middle of a forest!  Amazing!  If you have the money, get it done.  You will be happy you did.