20 amp cables for PS Audio P20?

Hi I’ve recently acquired a PS Audio p20 power plant. Someone mentioned that a 20A power cable is better sounding.  I don’t understand. Does it make any difference really?  My circuit is 15A. Thanks!
A 20 amp power cord has a different termination than the 15 amp version.
You would probably have to use adaptors to be able to use a 20 amp cord- though they wouldn't be expensive, it would seem to negate the purpose of using a 20 amp cord to begin with.
IMHO, just buy a good 15 amp power cord and be done with it. The new Audioquest Thunder, Tornado, Hurricane cables are my pick.

Ok thanks. Still not clear about one thing. Of the P20 is a power regenerator why does it even matter what cable I use whether an Audioquest Hurricane or a Radio Shack one?  
It’s converting to DC and then generating a totally new sine wave. So no matter what comes in it shouldn’t affect the output sine wave. Right?
Power cables do make a difference on the Power Regenerators; they’re essentially a power amp and have a power supply… they make a difference and I’d recommend using a large shielded power cable with dedicated circuits to get the best out of your P20.
I have had several components IEC converted to 20amp because many cable IECs do not fit tight. Other than that a heavy gauge cord is essential to handle the current

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