20 amp cable for Shunyata hydra 8

How many people are using a shanyata cable for the 20 amp supply cord.

What are good options in the Price range of the Python Helix.

What type of sound differences do other cords make?

I use the Python, and am very happy with it. Wide, deep, black soundstage; excellent retrieval of low level detail. The nuances are soo obvious. Gentle brush strokes, you name it. Perfect match. Shunyata does ggreat with a whole system approach. Great products. I have the Hydra and Pythons throughout.
This goes back to the "good as the weakest link" theory.
If you have invested in a Hydra 8 and Shunyata cords why a lesser cord into the Hydra?

I use all Shunyata cord`s inc. 20amp into Hydra and now into V-Ray.

I would not want to put a lesser cord into the hydra. I have started with the Python helix.

This is my first experience with at any type of high end power conditioning. I am trying to be careful of how i proceed, so i don't waste alot of money.

I am curious whether people tend to stick to the shunyata cords for the input cord. Someone may have done a test, and found a cord within the same price range that may add a more detail or bigger sound stage.

I have noticed in other threads that people tend to try different cords from the shunyata to their pre-amp for example. They have noticed positive diferances. For this connection i will have a chance to Test a Python Helix from my dealer(with out having to buy the cable).
Hi , the manufacturer recommends the best power cord that you can buy.
The improvement is very audible, I for my Hydra 6
I buy a Purist Dominus Ferox with Oyaide connector C-279, and the truth is that really going very, very well.
Greetings Adrian
I replaced a Shunyata Copperhead with the Python Helix and the improvement was huge. Much more detail and bigger soundstage.

I would like to eventually replace all my PS Audio cables with the Pythons.

Hi, I have the Hidra6 with Purist Dominus amazing and really go for your budget I recommend the Purist Anniversary Aqueous20, I got it on my DAC and it is in PC, unbeatable value for money.
Luck Adrian
I just installed the Python Helix Alpha on Saturday afternoon. It replaced a Taipan Alpha PC which fed my Hydra 8. I have less than 50 hours on the cable so my opinions are of course premature. However, my early impressions are very positive. There is noticeably better definition across the musical spectrum; more natural instrumental textures/tones and lots more inner detail. Musical lines that were previously obscured are now clearly delineated. Additionally, instruments at the rear of the stage are more clearly defined. I await full break-in with great expectation.
I have had several hyrda's 2/4/6/8 and every single one of them has benefited dramatically from an upgrade of the input cable. I've tried PS audio cables (statement line and Wave) and while they are quite good, they simply don't compare to the Shunyata soundstage and microdynamics.
I have a Hydra 6. I A/B'd a 20A Python Helix (not CX) from my dealer with my existing VH Audio Flavor 4 terminated with Furutech FI-25R connectors. In my system and to my ears, I gave the Flavor 4 the edge. I tried this b/c of the number of "synergy" comments I have been reading regarding using Shunyata PCs with Shunyata PLCs.

VH Audio has a 30 day return option. I don't have any interest save to share my experinces.
In these days change my power cord for Hydra 6, buy the Purist 20 Anniversary with Oyaide F-1 M-1, and the difference even without having done the soft cable is really listening, the 20 Anniversary of musicality is a plus, So if it is extremely difficult to bend.
Tried the Helix Alpha and Python Alpha with a Hydra 4, both were very good, the Python being better. I ended up with a Synergistic Research T3 UHC.
"Someone may have done a test, and found a cord within the same price range that may add a more detail or bigger sound stage."

Ltodd gave you the answer. SR T3UHC.