2-XPA100 or 1-XPA-2 EMOTIVA... WHICH????

I am considerating purchasing Emotiva Amp or Amps.
My basic system to date:
2 AMP Europower EP-1500 Bridged
1- PRE-AMP Sumo Athena
1.6 Magnepans
1- HSU 350W Self Powered Sub-Woofer
Source: Vinyl Format.(NO Turntable at this time)
Music: Steely Dan, Dire Straits , Sade ETC.

Starting the up grade process. Current AMPS Powerful But Not Musical.

Question: Would I be better served with:
2 XPA100 Monos 250W
1 XPA-2 300W
As my future AMP choice?????

Soundwise it's pretty much a wash. Both choices will drive your speakers quite well. It probably comes down to cost and fitment within your rack or such...

I have always preferred mono blocks to stereo amps of similar products.
This might also enable you to use shorter speaker cables which I also think works better.

You might want to check out the newer D-Sonic class D switching amplifiers on your magnepans. As you probably know, magnepans sound best with plenty of power. I have the same brand. but much older ones, and can attest to this. But I agree with both Wainwright and Tan43 comments that mono blocks are generally preferable and that 50 extra watts is not going to make a significant sonic difference.
The D-sonics are a newer design that 6moons.com reveiwed very favorably recently. They're small, run cool, can handle down to 2 ohm speaker loads and supposedly have good ss bass with tube-like qualities in the midrange on up. They seem too good to be true but offer a 21-ay free in home trial with money back guarantee so it's hard to lose much. They offer the normal B&O Ice Module amps along with amps based on the new module design that are purchased from a European company but assembled and sold in Houston.
I have no affiliation with the company and I'm not a dealer or salesman. I'm just very curious and would love to hear these on my spkrs and thought you might want to give them a try, or atleast a read. Good luck.
Get two XPA-2s and run them as monos,bigger toroids,more capacitance and surprise more power at less money.No brainer,
One more alternative that I just bought: the ClassD Audio 440SC (or 470 amp). Supposedly similar to the D-Sonic sound for less dough. I haven't heard this yet but am taking a chance based on word of mouth on several forum sites. It's not a big chance since it comes with a trial period. You can check them out at classdaudio.com.
DO NOT buy 2 XPA2's to run them in mono!!! If you have the money, get a pair of XPA1's when they become on sale.
I'd give the nod to the XPA-2. It has a much bigger power supply than the 2 monos. It's also a popular choice for Maggies and has a track record with them on the Emo forum.
good choice in my o. one thing to research is the xpa-2 should not be bridged mono into 4 ohms. in case you were considering that down the road....