2 wire DSL Gateway router

Does anyone have experience with the 2701 HG wireless router marketed by AT&T. I presently have a Westell Model 327w which seems to work well with my present setup that transmit wireless Ethernet signal to my Squeeze Box 3. However the AT&T Rep claims that this 2701 HG 2-wire router box is latest and best offer by AT&T.
I would appreciate some feedback.
The latest doesn't always make it compatiable with your Squeeze Box 3. They also have a Netopia wireless Gateway they use for businesses. That is what I have. I have that unit because neither the Westell nor the 2 Wire will work consistently in my home. The Westell would simply not work in my home. They spent 5 hours trouble shooting it and it would not work. They stuck a Netopia in my home and that worked just fine. Later the Netopia stopped working and they tried the 2 Wire and it worked well for about a week then started dropping signals all over the house. Again the Netopia was installed and it is working fine. They honestly don't know why it is the way it is. It is most likely a learning experience for them too. As a computer techcian it makes no sense to me either. I have friends that have both and they haven't had any of the problems I had. You may want to request a engineer
to see what they have to say. Good Luck
Thank you Ponnie sharing your experience with the Westell. As mentioned I have no problems with my Westell. Out of curiosity how far are you from your router to the Squeeze Box and secondly are you shielding router around any metal objects. Updating a router with a wider Bandwidth and faster speed might be a option to correct present problem.