2 tape decks- 1 tape monitor loop

Hello, I have 2 tape decks I want to hook up to my pre that only has connections for 1. There is 1 set of tape out and 1 set of tape in along with several other inputs of which 2 aux's are not being used. The (amp) outputs are all used up. There is a tape selector on my pre that is labeled off, tape and monitor. I plan to record and play back with both decks, but never use them (or have them on) at the same time. I don't plan to record from one deck to the other but do plan to record from CD, phono or tuner onto one tape deck or the other.
My question is, should I use a 2 in 1 Y connector to the set of tape in's and tape out's, or is there a better way to hook these up?
I have a QED tape switch box that converts 1 tape loop into two. I'm sure others make them also. Maybe try Niles also.
Niles makes a high quality tape switching device for about $100. It can handle 3 tape decks with full monitoring.
Thanks for those thoughts. I will look into them if i have to. I was hoping to use the Y connectors I have here to save some $$$$ but don't want to damage anything. There is another post going on of similarity but the guy is not refering to 2 tape decks, but other sources instead. There have been answers as to don't do it to it's OK to do it. I was wondering if being 2 tape decks make the situation any different?
Perhaps you could use a Y on the tape out taking the signal to the inputs on both tape recorders and take the signal from the tape recorders to different inputs on the pre-amp for each tape recorder (one of the vacant inputs and the one designated for the input on the tape loop to use for monitoring that one tape recorder. The other would be for recording and playback but not monitoring during recording. That would work although you might have a problem if some how you tried to record a signal from the tape out that was emanating from the same tape recorder you were using to record, as if anyone could be that dumb! :-)

Thanks Newbee for that recommendation. Is there any advantage to going this route over using Y connectors on both tape in's and tape out's? Dangerous in any way?
Hi Mark,

You've seen my comments in the other thread you referred to. They are equally applicable to your situation. Using y-adapters to connect two line-level outputs together might work ok in some situations if you don't have both devices powered up at the same time, but it is not a good idea IMO.

The only risk in Newbee's suggestion is the one he mentioned. If you inadvertently set the preamp such that the output of the deck that is being used for recording is selected by the input select switch, a large oscillation would result that could conceivably damage your system, the speakers in particular.

Personally, I would go with a switchbox.

-- Al
Personally I would use the five finger device, they are free. Just set up your tape decks (or pre-amp) so that the connections are accessible. That way you get full tape/monitor/playback capability with no signal degradation and no equipment risk.

Years ago I had two amps set up so I could switch them. My pre-amp had two live outputs always connected. The 'only' risk was if both amps got turned on at the same time. Well I ain't that dumb or careless. You bet! You guessed it - one day it happened. My big Threshold amp survived........I became a 'simple is best' believer and have never had a problem since.

Thanks Al, and yes I did read your post. I didn't want to hijack that thread so reason for this one.
OK, nuff said. I just ordered the Niles switch box. I can't take the risk of doing any damage to any of my components.

Thanks guys!