2 subwoofer???

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I've heard that using two subwoofers eliminates many problems associated with having only one. If this is true, can they be any 2, or do they have to be similar or identical subs?

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In light of all this excellent discussion, I now ask, would going with two smaller subwoofers give me more stable/solid bass so that the two smaller ones would equal or surpass the sound quality/volume/etc. of one larger one.

Example, would two Hsu 10" subs be "better" than one Hsu 12" sub (the exact model numbers escape me right now? Same with two Rel Stratas as opposed to one Rel Storm?

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In addition to Rusler's question, when running two subs do people here like to run them in stereo or mono?
I run mine in stereo, though mono may work better. I don't have nearly as much free time to play with set-up as I would like. For my pressent room configuration my guess is that mono will work better. Also the crossover point would help dictate this.

Two smaller subs can do more work than one larger sub. mine is set up with three 8" woofers for each side. There is no problem with getting lots of bass. A room of 3,500 cu/ft is fairly large. Finding a high output sub that is also detailed can be difficult. There is a guy selling a pair of NHT Sub2i's right now. I know that these are VERY high output and would fill your room. It is just a question as to personal taste though.
I’m using two identical 8” subwoofers with custom long-throw drivers and custom high-power class AB amps rated at 150 watts continuous and 400 watts + peak. I also own a 10” sub from a well known manufacturer that cannot compare with the 8” sub. The reason is that although the 8” sub is smaller, it uses a better amplifier and a higher quality driver which translates into more musical and a better performing subwoofer. Components used in this sub were selected for performance reasons without cutting costs to increase profit margins as manufacturers often do.

Recently, I auditioned a system that included four Peerless woofers (not active subwoofers) in a dipole setup with two per channel. The bass reproduction was awesome and the best I have ever heard. Using this a reference, the bass reproduction I’m getting from my two 8” subwoofers is remarkable by comparison considering their size vs the fact that there were four 12” woofers total in the dipole setup driven by amps with 250 watts per channel into 8 ohms. So in answer to the above…

Two smaller subwoofers can provide more stable/solid bass that would equal or surpass, etc. BUT, it depends on the quality of your subwoofers to begin with. In my case, two subwoofers have taken the sound to a higher level in every musically meaningful way: deeper, more robust bass that is more evenly distributed across the listening room; wider and deeper soundstage; improved clarity and definition of instruments and voices especially from the lower-mid through upper-mid ranges; overall the sound is more dynamic and alive.

Stereo or mono? Both of my subs are run in mono.

I agree with Bignerd, two smaller subs can do more work than one larger sub. Bass reproduction also seems to be more effortless with two. Two subs have no difficulty in
providing more than enough sound pressure to fill over 3500 cu. ft. of space in my listening room.

How does one go about hooking up two subwoofers?

Any companies known for the quality of their amplifiers?

Two subs can't go lower than each's ratings, though, can they? I know the 10" Hsu goes to 25 Hz and the 12" goes to 20. Does the qualitative difference end at how low the subs can reproduce the deepest bass? In other words, is the biggest advantage in clarity, stability, tightness, musicality?