2 subwoofer???

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I've heard that using two subwoofers eliminates many problems associated with having only one. If this is true, can they be any 2, or do they have to be similar or identical subs?

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This technique is usually used for HT when the subs are in mono or LFE. You can cancel certain room modes by placement with 2 subs much better than one. On our resource page there are a few articles that can be very helpful, possilbe the most helpful is one by Todd Welti and Floyd Toole of Harmon International on how many subs. For this technique to work the subs do have to be identical.

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I use stereo subs to reinforce monitors. Sounds great. It helps tremendously if you have a symetrical set-up. A kick drum does sound like a kick drum. It is exponentially more difficult to set up stero subs though.
I tried 2 subs with my B&W matrix 804's and they added a depth to the soundstage that was unknown to me before. I have since switched to Legacy's Focus 20/20 which is like having 2 subs in a speaker. Definetly an improvement over 1.
Virtually all CD's are mono below 80 Hz, so I doubt there would be a significant audible difference between dual mono subs and dual stereo subs.

I do believe that dual subs offer significant room integration advantages over a single sub.

From my investigation of the subject, there seems to be two well thought-out schools of thought on dual subwoofer placement. One holds that the ideal is to place the subwoofers to the extreme left and right of the listening position. This maximizes the interaural time difference and thereby the sense of spaciousness that the subwoofers convey.

The second school of thought recommends what could be described as highly asymmetrical placement, to maximally stagger the path lengths from each sub to the room boundaries and the listening position. This results in the smoothest bass, and is the technique that I use most