2 subs

Sorry, I forgot to mention the amps in the subs are 150 watts each and I'll sit about 7 feet away. Thanks again.
Post in the original thread. No one knows what you're talking about if you make a new thread everytime you want to say something about a conversation that's already taking place.
Tpreaves, 4 others seemed to. Thanks to all for your help. Best of luck.
They posted on your other thread,right? There only seems to be 3 posts here mine and yours. As you say, best of luck.
Now there's 4. Happy?
I don't want a quarrel with you but Tpreaves is right. I have no idea what you are refering to. You should clarify your ideas in the original thread. Sorry but its true.
Relax, everything has been answered by the people that know what I was referring to. No matter who's right...