2 Stereo amps to be used in Mono...hookup?


Could one explain the hookup from the preamp? Does left channel out from pre have to be Y'd to the left and right input of that designated amp....Carver M500t manual states..make sure both inputs are connected...
A little confused...

Yes. The manual states that, for mono use, "...you will need to feed both input jacks with identical signals from a 'Y' connector. The speaker leads must be connected to the two outer terminals only".

So.....from preamp left and right out to left and right. In of each amp?
You would "Y" connect the left output of the preamp into the left and right input on the amp that you hook your left speaker to and "Y" connect the right output from the preamp into the left and right inputs of the amp that you hook your right speaker to.

This amp is said to have
8-ohm FTC rated power/ch251W
4-ohm FTC rated power/ch450W
2-ohm dynamic power/ch500W

Why would you need more power for a pair of Boston A200’s?

As by bridging it, that’s all you’ll get more watts in a P.A. sense, everything else will take a hit sound quality wise.

Cheers George

Well I guess that opens things up to weather the sound would improve?

Would it not have any benefit as far as better seperation...i.e. Imaging..Soundstage?  Seems to be like the jury is not quite out on one amp or to Mono....
No all you gain is more wattage.

" all you gain is watts, distortion goes up, damping factor is reduced, stability into low impedance’s is reduced, and current ability is reduced. "Basically" you turn a good amp into a high wattage fair amp."

Cheers George

As per manual..."Identical Signals"...
Would mean....preamp left out split to left/right input of amp.

Same for right channel....

"Same for right channel..."
Exactly. The right channel from the preamp hooks up the same way to the other amp.
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I forgot to ad in my last post.
If you have two of these stereo amps already, this vertical bi-amping arrangement, will give you the best sound, forget bridging.


Cheers George

Thank you but speakers are not bi-ampable...

Speakers are 8ohm.


I am not in possesion of 2 amps but may have an opportunity to land a second one for a friend or perhaps keep for myself if to bridge...given yours and Elizabeth's post I will pass on bridging.  I am really satisfied with my sound.   If I looked at my components I should probably if anything consider my delivery of music...I am a streamer using Bluetooth.....rblink Arcam....should go network..or ethernet cable....
If I had the A400's which are bi ampable I would consider for sure your passive diagram sent. I have a screenshot saved.

Thank you.
Yeah, thanks George and Elizabeth  ;)
Soundcraftsman used to make an external bridging circuit called the “auto Bridge”.  It would do what your asking if the amps are stable.  Remember if bridged the resistance drops by a factor of 2 and your amps better have high dampening factor for it to work well and not color the sound too much.    It will  color the sound though.