2 REL Storms or 1 Stadium?

I have the JM Lab Micro Utopias. Right now they are hooked up to the YBA passion amp and I also use a single REL Storm sub woofer. Would I be better off getting another Storm or selling the Storm and getting a single Stadium?
Is the bass from the Storm (which version?)not integrated well enough in the room? The single Stadium III in my room has ample bass. The orientation and final placement is according to the setup instructions on the Sumiko site. I use the high level connection from the amp also. You might want to take a few minutes to follow those instructions, if you haven't already, before buying another sub or replacing the one you have. You really do need to move the sub in small increments during this process and it doesn't take long to first get it placed properly in the room.
I have read about good results using two Strata subs, but don't recall about doubling the Storm.
REL setup
Having owned everything from Strata III to Stentor III, I would say unequivocally that the Stadium III will blow away two Storm III's. It's not a matter of quantity but of quality. To be honest, the Storm III was my least favorite of all the RELs due to its obvious bass reflex loading and the terminal muddiness that comes with it. The Stadium III is a major step up in fundamental sound quality, something you will not get by adding another Storm III. Of course, be prepared to spend more time in placement setup since it is harder to get one sub to load the room smoothly than two.
I went today and listened to the Stentor. It blew me away! I guess I just have to save a little harder to get one of these monsters. Any comments on how the Stadium sounds compared to the Stentor? Is it worth the extra 2 g's?
I thought a lot about getting the Stadium when I was looking for a sub - I went to my dealer and demo'd the Stentor and new the stadium could never give me what I was looking for compared to the stentor. Yes, the price is high but, is it worth 2 g's more - absolutely!!!! Once you take the financial hit you will be happy you went the distance. If I had bought the stadium I would have always wondered if I should have bought the stentor - now I sit back and enjoy the phenomenal sound this work of art provides my system. Do what you need to do to pony up the extra cash - you will not be sorry you did!
I agree also about the Stentor III. I was set to buy two Stadiums and decided on one Stentor and I'm glad I did the Stentor and the Studio are in a class by themselves because of the ARM feature only those two models use. I thought about the "financial hit" also until I hooked it up that day and have never regretted it! Good luck the Stentor is worth every cent you pay. I went from the Storm to Stentor and there is no comparison.
Actually the Stadium III is the entry into the upper level REL subs with an ARM loaded cabinet like the Stentor III and Studio III.

I had the same question a while back. I am using the JM Lab Mini's and based on the recommendation from Sumiko I will be using a single Stadium III rather than two Storm III's. I haven't got the Stadium yet....but look forward to that day!
Thanks, I meant the "Super" ARM loading in the top two subs.
Statman, I'm sure you are right the Stentor III is an awesome sub and I have thought about it as a possible future upgrade.
They are beautifully made and very musical subs. The Stadium has been trouble free and it's on 24/7.
The Stadium 3 is an excellent subwoofer. I think they are so good that I purchased a pair. I have absolutely no regrets. Would I have better sound with a pair of Stentors, you bet! But I imagine if I had bought twin Stentors, I'd then be lusting for a pair of Studios.
My room is 15x16. Do you feel the Stentor will be too much for this sized room? I hope not!
A couple comments:
1) Don't worry about room size, either will work fine in your room. You're going to have to spend some effort on placement, though, since your room is pretty close to square. If it has 8' ceilings, that's a pretty bad situation for standing wave problems as it is almost exactly 1:2:2. This will cause problems in the lower end of your satellites as well.
2) IMO, the Stadium is a bigger step up from the Storm than the Stentor is up from the Stadium (law of diminishing returns begins to kick in here as everywhere else). This is not to say that the Stentor isn't worth it; I think it definitely is. But the Stadium is still a very good sub.
That's true, that's exactly what the dealer had told me when I was evaluating both subs.

As the others have said in this post the Stadium is awsome go for it! You will notice the difference as soon as it starts playing. You could use your present subs position to start with as a reference point? Also consider the XLO cable from the cable company it does improve the bass even more.