2 questions concerning Gallo Stradas

Sorry if these questions have been debated to death...I didn't find a lot on my questions when I searched. So, how many of you Gallo Strada owners, or former owners, consider the Stradas to be bright and/or lean and what is the rest of your system? Second question is, if the Stradas are on the lean/ bright side and they are the same drivers as the 3.5, which is not described as either lean or bright, why would they sound any different than the 3.5s? Shouldn't they sound the same around 40 hz and up seeing as how neither speaker has crossovers?
They sound a little bright/lean because they have no real bottom end. I have the Stradas and two TR-3 subwoofers (same drivers all around as the 3.5s) and believe me they are NOT lean. I had Reference 3s for the last 8 years and the Strada/TR-3 combo is better-sounding in every way. Significantly less expensive than the 3.5s too. Can you get away with one subwoofer? Yes, but the pair makes for a marked improvement.
Thanks for the response. I posted this question elsewhere and they said the same as you...you gotta get a sub. I've got a great VMPS sub that is being driven by my McCormack DNA-1 amp (Rev. A) which is also driving my B&W 802s (circa 1981). The integration is really great. I love the fact that the Stradas w/ sub are not lean at all...I may be living w/ them for a couple of years or so. Probably get a used pair later this year..."ooohh honey dear wouldn't you love to have some new speakers for Mother's Day?" ;-]
I wish someone would record the stradas and post on youtube. Of course I know this is in no way a scientific method for determining audio quality but it is the only (imperfect) way a lot of people can get an idea about audio equipment, as so many of us live many miles from high end audio stores.
My guess is the Stradas or any other speaker for that matter will sound EXACTLY like the speakers on your computer...
People tend to annoyingly move around, and use the camcorder mic (!) while recording speakers on YouTube, but if a Soundfield or binaural mic were to be fixed at the main listening position, and we listened on good headphones, we could get a reasonable approximation of the sound.