2 Questions?

It has been pointed out to me by some posters here, that generally higher-end speakers are not so forgiving with poorly recorded music much of what seems to be 70 - 80's era rock.

Room treatments aside (and without cutting holes in my walls to vent my speakers outside as some have suggested).
I am looking for some advice from others about what speakers have worked well with this situation?

Currently running  Roon Nucleus through a W4S 2v2SE Dac tethered to CODA CSiB V1 configuration  
(150 w @ 8 ohm) integrated amp.  $3,000 ceiling, give or take.

Second question: Is there a decent quality speaker switch that I could hook up to my amp to simply toggle between two sets of speakers? My amp has 2 speaker outputs on the back but no A/B switch to change from one set of speakers to the other.

I see there inexpensive switches offered that have limited power ratings (eg: 100 watts per channel). Are these sufficient for doing the job? Will these switches have a negative effect on sound quality? Thanks.
Erik has an excellent suggestion ROON is free, learn to use that feature set.
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Hey Eric,

Finally, have a bit of time to play with Roon, so by the "Lower One" you refer to in the Parametric EQ, that would be "Q" so set that to 5. Then the "Upper One" the "Frequency" at 100.
How about the middle one "Gain" where do you suggest this to be set?
Before bugging you I did Google this, but not a lot of information on this so it seems.
Thanks for the suggestion & the help!

Hey High-amp,

What I mean by lower and higher is the first and last band. Each band has a frequency, a Q and an amplitude (db). The graph identifies each band by a dot, which you can click and drag. You can also select the band by the drop down menu just below the chart.

When you first see the Parametric EQ, the lower (Band 1) is a shelving filter. Leave the Q for the shelving filters at 1. Set the first filter to a Frequency around 100 Hz to 200 Hz. That will be your bass knob. Adjust it’s effects by changing the gain.

Band 5 I think is the other default shelving filter. Use it to be your treble knob. Same idea, set the Frequency to say 3-5 kHz, leave the Q at 1, and adjust the effect by varying the Gain.

Gain above 0 are bosts, gains below 0 will cut.



Eric, I see you also recommend Monitor Audio speakers frequently (do you work for Audio Advisor?)
What're your thoughts on their Gold 200 model for my aforementioned set-up?