2 Questions?

It has been pointed out to me by some posters here, that generally higher-end speakers are not so forgiving with poorly recorded music much of what seems to be 70 - 80's era rock.

Room treatments aside (and without cutting holes in my walls to vent my speakers outside as some have suggested).
I am looking for some advice from others about what speakers have worked well with this situation?

Currently running  Roon Nucleus through a W4S 2v2SE Dac tethered to CODA CSiB V1 configuration  
(150 w @ 8 ohm) integrated amp.  $3,000 ceiling, give or take.

Second question: Is there a decent quality speaker switch that I could hook up to my amp to simply toggle between two sets of speakers? My amp has 2 speaker outputs on the back but no A/B switch to change from one set of speakers to the other.

I see there inexpensive switches offered that have limited power ratings (eg: 100 watts per channel). Are these sufficient for doing the job? Will these switches have a negative effect on sound quality? Thanks.
I will check this all out, Thanks Eric

Here’s a relevant discussion about question #1.

Excellent steakster, (hmm, makes me think about BBQing tonight!:-)
I will read this post as soon as I get a chance.

Garbage in, garbage out; a high resolution system only demonstrates the quality of the source. As always, all systems, not just audio, are only as good as their weakest link. 
The root of the issue is twofold and has a basis not in garbage but practical economics...
much of the music you speak of was oriented to radio and particular low power factory radio with not much bass and not much power for bass, hence not so much bass in the recordings, but many home stereos of the time, consoles,, receivers etc had tone and loudness controls and somewhat more power. Turntables of this period, mass market had lousy bass tracking ability, another reason to cut bass.
get some tone controls and move on. McIntosh makes some very well made and engineered preamps with tone controls