2 PA-7s via CA-7 to Polk SDA-SRSs original

Good afternoon!
I am looking to run 2 Nakamichi PA-7s to original Polk SDA-SRSs (4 ohm), about 2 meters, and use a Nakamichi CA-7 for the crossover. I have not used the 2 PA-7s together. Any thought for speaker cables? I have not had to buy any for awhile and am out of the know. Thank you!
for a big amp i use kimber 8tc or morrow sp3. both are affordable and have many fans. known for all the descriptions of definition, soundstage and good tone qualities. i want to try some anti cables soon just for the fun of it. but as you look around there are at least a hundred ways to go....
Thank you very much for the input.
When I had those speakers, I had an interconnect cable ( the one that connects the two speakers together) made from Kimber 8TC wire as well. It made a nice improvement.