2 out of 3 cats approve Mccormack over Adcom

Funny thing.

Just changed out two adcom GFA 555 for Mccormack DNA 0.5.

I also havebhave 3 Cats, before with the Adcoms only one would hang out with me while listening. Now,with the Mccormack, all 3 are trying to crawl on my lap.
Well, I am a cat lover, and I carefully design my gear to purrrfection ;-)

I'm pleased to hear you and your friends are enjoying the amp.

Steve McCormack
SMc Audio
I have owned both amps and there's really no comparison. Guess which one was better. Like night and day. This was my into to high end sound.
Obviously McCormack amps are the cats meow.

Let the rest of the puns begin.....
I'll bet Steve's designs have nine lives, as well!

-- Al
I too am a CAT (Convergent Audio Technology) lover.
The thread title had me thinking cats as in 1970s slang for guys -- 2 out of 3 "guys" approve McCormack over Adcom. LOL
If it meant having one cat in my lap as opposed to three, I would go back to the Adcom.
A little catnip will make the music sound even better!
I too am a cat lover - with fava beans and Chianti - FFTTTT
That is such an adorable story, thanks for sharing.
When I saw the title i also mistook it to mean cats as 60's guys, you know, beatniks (now I am dating myself)

My cats LOVE to sit atop of my quite warm Bryston amp while I listen, they have been doing it since they were kittens.

I too love my cats.
I love cats- I just can't eat a whole one.