2 lk-85's or 1 lk-140

so here's the deal. I've got a pair of Keilidh's and just sold my amp. (using an nad intigrated for the ear splitting time being) Going all linn on my system and an amp is my next purchase. Do I get 2 lk85's right now, bi amp, (not planning on going active, I'm soon selling my speakers and active slightly harder to sell) or for the same price go with one lk140, probably upgrading to another before too long. On that note, should I hold out for a while and get a Klout instead of 2 lk 140's?
I think you need to decide on what speakers you will use before deciding on the amp(s). Aktiv configuration is usually and incredible improvement in an all Linn system. The new line of speakers can be easily Aktiv-configured without opening the box to remove the crossover. If you never want to go Aktiv, get a 2250. Klout would be my second choice in a passive system, but two LK 85s Aktiv would easily beat a single LK 140 passive.
I agree with Thsalmon ...... AKTIV
If you're going all Linn with new Linn speakers definitely go activ.
Your Keilidh's can be either Aktiv or passive as the crossover remains in all cases. It's just a manual change done on the inside of the cabinet. Go Aktiv. It's the best bang for the buck. You ain't heard the Keilidh's yet.
You gotta _hear_ Aktiv. Go to a Linn dealer and check it out. I had a dealer with a pre-rigged comparison display and it only took seconds (really) to hear the difference. Amazing and has challenged my pre-established upgrade path (still uncertain). My hunch will be you'll see the value in 2 LK-85's Aktive over either amp you're looking at passive.

Have fun.
Oh god!

Compare Kairn, 1 LX-100 passive + Kaber Speaker
Kairn, 3 LX-100 Actif + Kaber

I have begin my live with Kaber Loudspeaker with 1 LX-100.
I have buy 2 more LX-100 + activ card.

My worst choice ever!!

Sound better .. Yes! but worth the price ... GOD NO!!

Keep your cash and buy a better amplifier.

Your activ system will be unsellable after. If you able to sell all your system , you very lucky! Who want pay 10000$ without have heard in their room the result?

Now I still have Kaber but I work my Kaber passive with 1 x LX-100. I have keep my 2 others LX-100 for my new MagnePlanars 1.6. The result not so fantastic because 2 x LX-100 still not have enough power to drive them correctly.

I don't know how are LX-140 vs LX-100 .. but 40 more watts seem to me to be a small upgrade in power.
Lugnut and Thsalmon are right: if you have a retailer available, passive vs aktiv is not a major change for the Keilidhs, so I wouldn't worry too much there.

For the amps, if you're going to be getting LINN speakers anew, get aktiv 85s or 140s without question. The new crossovers on LINNs make passive vs aktiv a snap to do in minutes.
Having just bought a new system (all Linn), I looked at a few options and ended up with


I listened to the 85, 140 and 2250 and the 2250 is clearly a much better amplifier than any of the others. My next intention is to get another 2250 and go active !

Quite simply, a better amplifier is a better amplifier - passive OR active !
absolutley - if you have the money, a 2250 is the best way to start
Wow, it has been a long time since I posted this question. I held out for an LK140. It was quite a nice upgrade from my NAD T751, and previous Nakamichi PA-1 amp. The lk140 produced much lower bass, and insturmints started to sound like wood, and brass. I decided this linn thing was a good, so I picked up a Waconda, and a Karik 3. Oh my god!!! When you go all linn, something happens. Something that is very hard to describe, but each component simple sings. I was completely set forever (i thought) until i went down to my local linn dealer for a chat. Oh no, they have a used klout. I listened to it running a pair of ninkas and was less than impressed. Where was the bass? It was weird, but my Keilidhs seemed to kick the crap out of the Ninkas. I decided I needed to try it in my system, and there it still sits. Power in excess is all I can say. Talk about headroom. Imaging out the wazoo, and detail I never knew was there. If anyone is considering getting a klout to drive Linn speakers, you cannot go wrong.