2 interconnects or y-cable?

have a 2.1 channel system for music. I will be connecting my subwoofer to a two channel analog pre-amp. Would it be better to run two interconnects into the subwoofer (about 8 feet of distance) or should I use a y-cable at the pre-amp and a dedicated subwoofer cable. I have a Harmonic Technology subwoofer cable which is mono at the pre-amp end (designed for a pre/pro) and has a built in Y at the subwoofer end. My sub has "L" and "R" inputs, but nothing else gets connected to the sub.


Either way. BTW, despite labels, there's no such thing as a "dedicated subwoofer cable."

Either way, you can get good Y cables made up, don't use cheap ones.
Thanks Kal and Stan. Much appreciated.
If the question is;

1. you are taking both left and right outputs from your preamp and then summing them together using several Y's.
that is not a good idea.

If the question is;

2. taking just one output and using a Y to connect a subwoofer cable that would be alright.
Except, the stereo sound may be off balance since one output would be feeding 2 amps.I also dont like that idea.
One more senerio.
If the question is;

3. you have dual outputs on your preamp and you are using Y's to summ the signal to use one subwoofer cable. That is also a bad idea.
Okay, not sure I'm following at this point, so let me clarify. I have an analog 2-channel pre-amp that does not have a subwoofer output. It has buffered balanced (XLR) outputs and single-ended (RCA) outputs that can both be used simultaneously. The XLR outputs are going to my power amps. I would like to use the RCA outputs to send the stereo signal to the subwoofer. The subwoofer has a left and a right input. SO, I could use a pair of interconnects into the sub. Or, I could use a Y-cable at the pre-amp and send that over my subwoofer cable to the subwoofer, where it Y's again so that it will connect with both of the sub's inputs.

It sounds as if people think that a pair of interconnects is the better way to go? Any insights into why?


I have the exact same arrangement with my Pass Labs XP-10 Preamp.
I would not use a Y plugged into both left and right RCA outputs leading to one interconnect and then with a splitter plug at the other end plug it into the subs left and right inputs.
I think there is too much chance that you may affect the stereo image coming out of the balanced XLR's. I dont care if they are "buffered".

I would use seperate interconnects.

Perhaps, I am a little too cautious , because inside the sub, the left and right inputs are probably connected together anyway.
But I still would use seperate cables.
well i did the same thing before using Y but really good for HT..but for 2 channel i think the best way but not recommended is use 2 interconnects from pre-out L/R to sub level line in L/R or pre main in L/R to sub level line out L/R and alas!very satisfactory.I am just sharing my experience to all.Happy listening.