2 different cables on biwire speaker

Has anyone ever tried to use 2 different brands of cable on their speakers at once? I noticed I get a cleaner bass if I use pure silver on the bass drivers. But it gives me to much glare if I run it on my tweeters. Is it ok to run 2 different cables ( same length ) or will it hurt my speakers?
Hi KT. I haven't done this personally, but I know many people here have. One configuration I see quite often is biwiring with an Analysis Plus Oval Nine and Silver Oval combo. In your case you might run the Oval Nines to your tweeter and the Silver Oval to your woofer. I've also read of a few people trying different brands, but careful matching will be necessary. With different brands there's a chance you may run into unbalanced loads being seen by your amp. I'm sure people with actual experience will begin posting with some creative options for you. Good Luck.
There are many fantasies in the audio industry about mixing and matching cables. We have for many years combined not only different brand of cables but different forms of conductors such as ribbon and solid core. Case in point I happen to like bi wiring with the Nordost Vahalla and the Synergistic reference speaker cables. Experiment to your hearts consent and let your ears be the criteria. You will not damage anything and maybe shocked at how good 2 totally different runs of cable can sound. Also if one run is 8 feet and the other 6 do not be disconserted that the sound is going to arrive at different time intervals. With the run of cables that most people use in their systems due to the length you will never hear any difference.
I believe that two different cables is a definite advantage over being stuck with one type that may not be optimal for both ends of the frquency spectrum. There is no chance whatsoever of damaging electronics. If you're going through the trouble of using two sets of cables, why not use the best cables for highs and for lows? Unless the cables are realllly looong, impedence mismatch will have little effect.
Thanks for the imput, now I can experiment to my hearts content. Well within my budget anyway :)But I do have 5 or 6 brands of cables laying around so I geuss I'll start there.