2 dedicated outlets - connected correctly ?

I have a new entertainment center with a multiple outlet/surge protector built in and am purchasing a second powered subwoofer.

The best configuration I have come up with is the following : The TV on one dedicated outlet; all sources plugged into the back of the receiver and the receiver to the 2nd dedicated outlet; each sub will be plugged to the closest dedicated outlet (one with the TV and one with the receiver). Any constructive criticism ?
The one thing to watch for is that the two outlets are on the same 'leg' of your electrical service.
If they are on two different legs then the potential exists (small but real) of a 220v potential between some of your equipment.
The way to check for this is with a common voltmeter. Even a cheap $10 one will do.
Check the voltage difference between the two outlets.
Sticking the meter pin into one side of one outlet. The other into the ground. The voltage will be either 120 or so or zero. Then the other side of the plug and the ground. So one side will be 120 or so, and the other zero. mark the side of the two slits for the plug that registers the 120 or so volts. that is the hot side.
Then check the other wall. That wall will have one slot that gives 120 or so to ground too. mark that.
Then connect toe two hot sides, one from one wall. and the other from the second outlet via a voltmeter (set to at leat handle 220V!!
If you get NO reading, you have both outlets on the same leg.
If you get 220V reading you are using two different legs of your incoming electricty and need to be more careful.
The danger is very, very small, but serious and real, of a 220 V potential occuring between the various parts of your system, (if the outlets are on different legs)