2 channels Tube amp in a HT setup

just curious, how many of you share your 2 channels system with the HT and using tube amps?

Do you feel bad about burning tubes when watching movies?

(I do)
I have a hybrid setup- tube pre and SS amp. Using a Modwright SWL 9.0 Signature with Home Theater Bypass (and Denon 3808CI for 5.1) I would have preferred if the Modwright bypass worked even when powered off, but the 5AR4 and 5687 tubes supposedly have a long life when used in a Pre. Don't know if I'd be quite as happy running tube amps as well.
Nope don't feel bad.

Not all tube. but like Sleepysurf, I use a modwright swl9.0 Sig preamp with a RedWine Audio amp (battery) with a Denon 4306 a 2ch music/5.1 HT compos

2ch Music is my main priority and can't do two separate systems.
I have an Air Tight ATC-2 tube pre in the output of my Integra DTC 9.8 and then have a McIntosh MC-402 amp for Front L-R that I use for my theater listening and a lot of 2-ch music. Then I have a pair of Viva Aurora SET monos (the convertible in the garage) that I hook up when I want to indulge in a pure tube bliss session. I was acutally a little surprised as I bought the MC-402 to be just for HT, but found it quite acceptable for 2-channel as well. I do worry a little about all the hours on the tubes in the Air Tight Pre as I typically do not turn it off.
I've got an Anthem D2 processor that feeds a VTL 7.5 mkII in bypass mode which then feeds my VTL Siegfried's.

This was the only way I could make my system work which is mainly for 2-Channel listening.

I have to say that I don't have too many hours utilizing the tubes in this manner. We occasionally watch HDTivo or a Blu-Ray but not very often.

The sound being pumped through my Wilson Maxx 2's are killer with this setup. Quite happy with it and am not bothered about the tube hours.


Same as Eddiesudz but with Lexicon MC12B/ARC Ref3/Ref210s. Most of my tube hours are burned for vinyl but I don't mind using it for movies and a little TV. Works great. BTW for video I don't worry about warm up, 15 min and good to go.
Heck i even listen to regular TV with my all tube SET system with Sophia 300B tubes. What me worry? ; 0
Guess i should since i ain't a richin but that's the way it goes in my home.
With movies it wouldn't even be a hesitation! Enjoy!
I guess I don't feel bad if all of the tubes are current production tubes.

When I have 4 NOS tubes in the preamp (Calypso) I feel really guilty.

oh well may be it's just me.

I used to disconnect the speaker cables and hook up SS receiver just when I'm watching movies.

but it just gets annoying....
My dad leaves his tubes off during news, sports and BS casual watching just useing the center and surrounds fed from SS amps, runs tubes for movies and music only. Not only for tube life and cost but also for heat reasons.
I use a Tripath based amp in the summer and tubes in the winter. I like the Tripath better than most solid state amps and they use very little electricity and generate almost no heat. I use both single ended and push pull tube amps in the winter because the heat generated helps heat the house anyway so it is of no consequence.

Brad, i do exactly what you do as well and for the exact same reasons. That's funny! I run Wright SET 3.5 mono's in the Fall,Winter and Spring and a Red Wine Audio Sig 30 in the Summer. However,I like the sound of the RWA so much that i am tempted to pop that back in more often just for a different flavor as it most definitely does have one. Ok sorry, that was off topic but i just had to comment.
I have cary slam 100's,manley reference 440/200 and a pse hl-1 pre amp with bypass and have no regrets running any of my equipment used for the home theater.
My equipment is only run for movies and audio,not casual tv watching I would add.