2 channel vs 5.1

Hello all, I'm new here - enjoy home audio/video but I'm not a serious hobbyist or good at at connecting gear. My current setup is Rotel: 1098 pro/1075amp and 970 phono preamp. It is joined with a Dish Network HD dvr, Oppo BDP83 and a Rega P3 turntable. Speakers are B&W 803 mains/B&W center and Energy surrounds/Energy sub. The Oppo Blu-Ray is connected via multi channel analog cables to the Rotel 1098. I wanted to have a better two channel rig, and I got a Luxman L-505u yesterday. What are your ideas on how to keep 5.1 and add the two channel setup i.e., connections/operation? Is there a way to connect/use the Oppo as either 5.1 or two channel easily? Thanks much, the Brisket_eater.
The Luxman doesn't have a processor pass thru that I can see. Does the Oppo have a 2 channel out put seperate from the 6 channel? And if I understand your system you want to use the same front two speakers for both HT and 2 Channel right? If yes what amp do you want running the fronts, the Rotel or the Luxman?
Hey Theo, As far as processor pass thru on the Luxman...the Luxman manual mentions it being able to drive the front left & right speakers and still be able to listen to CDs & LPs through the Luxman. This can be done by connecting Rotel outputs to MAIN IN of the Luxman. The Luxman has a Separate switch which disengages its preamp. Is this a sort of "pass thru"? As for the Oppo, it does have a stereo analog audio connection. If I understand correctly, this connection isn't affected by other settings in the audio processing set up menu of the Oppo. I'm unsure if I'f I can use the Oppo as 5.1, and stereo when desired. To answer your last question, I hope to use the Luxman to drive the front 803s for HT & 2 channel. Thank you.
Sounds like you DO have pass thru then you are good to go.
Sorry I didn't look at the manula just the rear panel. Enjoy.