2 Channel SS Preamp Suggestions

Hello A-goners,

I am in the final stages of making a preamp purchase to seperate a 2 channel system from my HT system with a preamp. I would really appreciate some feedback on the following SS units: Blue Circle CS (not the intergrated), Adcom GFP 750, Marsh P2000, Rotel RC 1090 and maybe your suggestions. I have a line on a BC 21.1 tube preamp if I decide for sure to go with tubes. My budget for SS preamp is up to $1500. Thanks to all in advance.
Might also consider Bryston BP25 or BP20 for around $1000 used. Quiet, neutral, reliable preamps with balanced and single ended inputs and outputs, separate power supply, remote control and 20 year transferrable warranty. As a bonus, since they're only about 2" tall they don't take up a lot of vertical rack space.
You may want to check out IRD's Purist preamp.

There is one unit going out on tour for in home auditions.
Check out the Parasound Halo pre-amp for $800.
Very nice, great features, and built by the legendary
John Curl.
Save your money and get a Monolithic PA-1. A passive buffered unit, it is amazingly quiet and absolutely transparent. A second good choice would be the Morrison preamp which costs a bit more. If no phono stage is necessary, these should provide all the performance anyone needs. Good luck.
Try and find a used Conrad-Johnson PFR. A great SS preamp that has many inputs and is very musical. Should be able to find one for around $1000. I have one and am very pleased with it.
Classe CP-60 is a classic. I'm very happy with mine. It has a rich warm midband, without sounding a little dark, like some of the Classe amps can. It has balanced in's and out's remote and a Surround Sound Processor throughput to help integrate my HT and stereo. I left the high-end SSP game and have no intentions of returning. I just use a Denon receiver for HT, it only drives the surrounds. I run the FR & FL outs through the CP-60 SSP loop. Music is so much more rewarding. A friend of mine has a Sonic Frontiers Line 3 which sounds very nice also, but that isn't SS and is over your stated budget, so I won't go there.

Good luck,
If you can deal with four line inputs I HIGHLY recommend a used Pass Labs Aleph P preamp (usually sold between $1000 and $2000 depending on age and remote). They sold for $4000 new, are built like tanks, and they sound amazing. I doubt the ones you mention will compare. The Adcom model is actually a Nelson Pass design, so it will be like a junior version of the Aleph P.

One other bonus...Pass Labs is excellent to deal with as far a support goes.
I use a Belles 20A that has a pass through from the R+L outputs of the HT pre-amp into the R+L Video inputs of the pre.
It allows you to run a tube front end stereo that is independent from your HT or when set in the HT position the R+L passes through unaltered for multi-channel use.
A used 20A ranges from $880 - $1320.
Try www.powermodules.com for more detail.