2 channel setup


I am in the process of planning out my first 2-channel setup.  I already purchased a used Rogue Audio Metis preamp and will need a power amp, turntable, and I am contemplating a music streamer.  I am pretty sure that I am going to go with Paradigm Prestige 85f speakers.  

Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.  I would like to come in under 10k so I am looking for some good deals if you know of any!  

I haven't heard the Paradigm speakers, but they look easy to drive.
Hopefully, you have auditioned them and find them to your taste. Otherwise, I would go and listen to as many other speakers as you can, as this will dictate what you need to buy.
That being said, if you go with the Paradigm, I would say get a used McCormack amp. The best part is you can have Steve McCormack update it should wish at SMcAudio. It is a solid amp that plays with just about anything, at a very reasonable cost, especially used.
I can't say much about turntables, as I have gone Digital, which is something you should consider, as well, as it opens a door you never knew was there. IMHO.

Don’t forget to budget for cabling. You can easily spend half your $10k on interconnects and speaker cables.